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FRIENDS Work Here, a friendly Brooklyn based co-working community, is looking for a part-time studio manager. The ideal candidate has a big heart and enjoys making people feel welcome and connected, loves keeping a space tidy and being surrounded by creative minds. As the studio manager of FWH you set the tone,  are the soul of this community. 

This is an ideal position for someone who loves working independently and thrives in an autonomous, trusted environment. As the studio manager you'll be expected to be present at the space for 4h/day. The role comes with a lot of flexibility and is ideal for someone who would like to use the space for the rest of the day to work on independent freelance projects. 

Studio Manager Responsiblities

  • Keeping the space tidy and well-organized
  • Making sure supplies are stocked
  • Welcoming guests, accepting packages, and helping distribute mail
  • Giving tours to interested members and people visiting the space
  • Nurturing a positive community culture
  • Ensuring everyone loves coming to and working from the space
  • Being a resource for Friends and answering questions from community members
  • Planning happy hours, communal lunches, game nights, and other fun events
  • Helping fill empty desks with kind, creative people
  • Onboarding new members and making sure they feel welcome
  • Managing social media accounts and sharing the amazing work the people at Friends do
  • Managing invoicing and expenses


You're an ideal candidate if:

  • You like working independently and are self-driven
  • You have a natural talent for and interest in community building
  • You are a highly empathetic person and a strong communicator
  • You have strong organizational skills and are detail-oriented
  • You love working with people in creative industries
  • Your friends describe you as patient, thoughtful, and resourceful
  • You love event planning and get excited about happy hours and game nights
  • You’re super tidy and a self-described clean freak
  • You’re driven, work well independently, and love figuring out ways to expand roles 


About Friends: 

Friends Work Here was started by Tina Roth Eisenberg in 2008 with the desire to surround herself with other inspiring creatives types. Tina strongly believes that in order to live a courageous creative life, you have to have a solid support system.


FWH is the work home to 38 wonderful creative humans: designers, filmmakers, writers, illustrators, developers, photographers, calligraphers, … just to name a few.


We love people who are curious, take their side projects seriously, and who believe that collaborating is good for the soul. You'll fit right in if you appreciate people who love what they do and continuously strive to grow. We really love the Internet. A lot. Friends Work Here is a home for doers and kind souls.

"Who you hang out with determines what you dream about and what you collide with. And the collisions and the dreams lead to your changes. And the changes are what you become. Change the outcome by changing your circle.”
– Seth Godin

Watch this 99u talk that Tina gave in 2014 to get a sense of her values and why she does what she does.  

(There is a chance this could turn into a fulltime role as Tina's right hand and overall magic maker!)

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