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"We need a Software Project Manager." After a long pause, I realised my developer was right. After years of working as the lead in a dynamic duo, his and our overall development output had become inconsistent. Growing the team had meant him taking on more responsibility to ensure the new devs had work to do, and that it was checked up on. This left him with little time for what he loved - shipping code. Can you help us get the most from our talented dev team?

Secret Benefits is a sugar dating site run by a small, global, remote team. It's only 18 months old, and growing steadily. Most of us have been collaborating for over 5 years, and are still having fun. It's exciting to work on a product that cures loneliness and boredom, while helping people pay off their student loans. We solve interesting problems daily, from learning how to spot scammers, to the most effective way of explaining to guys that perhaps what's between their legs won't make a good profile picture. The latter is impossible, and manually reviewing every photo is the only solution. We also meet in person for a week every quarter in an exotic - typically European - location to feast and get some face-to-face work done.

Here are some tasks that have been a shared responsibility (ie no one's responsibility), that we need your help with:
  • Capturing tickets, and checking on their progress
  • Seeing and removing road blocks
  • Keeping Jira and Basecamp up to date
  • Preventing important tasks that get discussed from being forgotten
  • Documentation of progress, so if something goes wrong it's easy to identify where the problem might be by seeing what changed on the site
  • QA planning

We're looking for you to take charge of fixing these, and other problems. We aren't a big company hiring to fill a missing title, we're hiring you because our growth is forcing us to, we needed you months ago. You'll enjoy this opportunity to fix our broken systems just as much as helping us maintaining the steady flow of new, exciting features to our users. You'll speak directly with the decision makers, with no bureaucracy in the way of you having an impact. It will be clear what our priorities are, then you'll work autonomously with the devs to make sure it happens. 

We don't care if you're certified, or went to college, just show us a track record of helping devs ship web apps. It would be a bonus if you came from a dev background but that's not vital. We're after someone with experience, as you'll be teaching us all the ways you can help that we hadn't thought of.  

To apply: Want to be our Project Manager? Please send the best proof that you can do the work to (suggestions for how to solve our dick-pic problem are also welcome)

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