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Hello! Smartly is looking to hire a back-end engineer to help us scale our online learning platform and career network. Interested in helping students gain access to affordable education and advance their careers? Then read on... In this role, you'll work with our engineering team as we scale our flagship platform to learners around the world. As part of a growing startup, you'll have the opportunity to move between a variety of important projects across the full-stack, including web/database performance, API design, internal administrative tools, data analysis support, and new customer-facing features. We need our engineers to be versatile and enthusiastic about learning to tackle new problems every day, often working directly with stakeholders across the organization. An aside: while this job description lists a number of specific skills, the role will be tailored to the unique attributes of the individual that eventually joins. Regardless of how well you feel you fit each bullet of this description, we encourage you to apply if you love collaborating with other engineers on API design, databases, web performance and scalability challenges, as well as the opportunity to work across the full-stack on a variety of new initiatives.

  • You are a skilled written communicator: Our team is distributed across the US, with folks that either work from home, or from one of our two offices in Washington, DC and Harrisonburg, VA. Slack is our primary means of daily communication, in addition to frequent pairing via Screenhero, Hangouts, etc.
  • You are a hybrid engineer: You are not afraid to jump into application code to ship a new feature or infrastructure code to help scale a system. You're skilled at the command line, and embrace automation to make yourself more efficient.
  • You have deep knowledge of some or all of: PostgreSQL/Modern SQL, Schema Modeling, RESTful API design and web services, OAuth, Token-based authentication, Caching, Queueing/job systems, Amazon Web Services, CI, and Infrastructure automation. You probably have opinions born of experience around how best to configure, monitor and alert on backend services so everyone can sleep soundly at night.
  • You have some experience in, or have been exposed to: Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Redshift, internal administrative tool development, "CRM" integration (anything from Google Docs/Airtable to Hubspot/Salesforce).
  • You are self-motivated and believe in iterative development, pragmatic system design, and shipping working software daily.
  • You are friendly and patient, welcoming, considerate, and respectful and want to be a part of a team committed to those same values.

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