Senior Software Engineer - Node.js (Central/South America)

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Headquarters: Las Vegas

Sulvo, the 4-year-old American fintech / adtech platform is looking for an experienced Senior Software Engineer with extensive Node.js experience to join and work on the real-time Pricing Service and Ad Server. 

What’s needed:

- Interest towards the Advertising Technology ecosystem

- 100% Self-starter mentality (American startup culture, American business values)

- Willingness to put in the work and be part of an elite startup team.

Sulvo's ad serving infrastructure sees thousands of events collected and processed every second. Experience with large scale enterprise applications is required and a background in RTB or digital media is highly preferable. Your position will be to continuously build, maintain and improve Sulvo's main pricing service and ad server. You will be working with the product and innovation team and directly with the CTO who is also an experienced Node.js developer.

Required skills from you:

- Excellent written and spoken English

- Excellent Javascript and Node.js knowledge 

- Extensive Experience with AWS management (Google Cloud is beneficial but not required)

- Extensive Experience with Security protocols that are related to ad servers and RTB.

- Any experience with Machine Learning or Deep Learning can a plus

The ideal candidate is:

- Flexible and a true self-starter, doesn't take anything for granted and a boss is not needed to get the job done while being precise and getting the work done right.

- Has the capability and the willingness to work remotely. Previous contractor experience can be an advantage.

- Has a proven track-record of delivering high-quality work and showing a high level of responsibility for all tasks.

ABOUT THE PRODUCT / - Surge Pricing for Publishers.

If you know Uber then you likely know what Surge Pricing is. Sulvo brought the Surge Pricing concept into the online advertising world where content publishers are just like the drivers of the Uber cars. On the street, Uber handles the price increases when demand changes in the car-hailing market of a certain location. In the online advertising world, Sulvo does this for each website that implements the Sulvo's patent-pending technology. Sulvo helps publishers to prevent avoidable revenue loss by getting the fair-market value for their impressions.

Location / Time Zone Requirements:

For applicants from Central or South America, this is a full-time remote position offer.
For United States-based applicants, this is a Las Vegas, Nevada-based full-time offer.

Time Zone Requirement: South America +/- 2

To apply: Please email to using the "Robinhood" subject line. Please include your resume, salary expectations, and why you believe you and Sulvo are the right fit.

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