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Job Description

Job Description

We are seeking a creative, diligent and detail-obsessed Back-End Developer to join our team. We’re looking for the kind of motivated developer who lives on Stack Overflow, with the instinct and experience to sort through the jungle of options for databases, infrastructure, libraries, operating system versions, shell scripts, deployment scripts, block storage, object storage, volume encryption, etc. and orchestrate it all into a tightly running machine across database, APIs and admin, built for scale and ongoing enhancement. In this role, you will balance ongoing automation of the MedStack compiler engine, hardening of the core infrastructure to support our rapid growth with the addition of new features and capabilities that make the creation and integration of healthcare apps even easier.

Technology environment

  • Linux operating system
  • A wide range of supported development environments and databases
  • Compliance to HIPAA and similar legislations
  • “Defence in Depth”: a layered approach that assumes that any specific component can fail and therefore uses multiple layers of security for all systems
  • Comfort and flexibility for a large range of languages such as Ruby, Python, TypeScript, Go, Shell Script / Bash
  • Tools such as (but not limited to): Rails, Angular 2, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Capistrano, Terraform, ELK, Nagios, dpkg
  • Familiar with GNU/Linux, Debian, containers, virtualization, deployment tools, continuous delivery, scalability
  • Cloud provider tools and interfaces: BlueMix, Azure, AWS
  • Not afraid to branch out and learn new languages and tools
  • Security and encryption implementations and practices (SELinux, LUKS/dm-crypt, pgcrypto, active monitoring, defence in depth)
  • Database design, schemas and implementations

MedStack, a graduate of Dreamit Health and the Creative Destruction Lab, and current participant in 500 Startups, is a revolutionary software platform created by decades’ veterans in digital security, healthcare apps and platform ecosystems, based on both open-source and proprietary tooling, purpose-built to enable Developers, Doctors, Hospitals, Healthcare companies and Insurance Providers to leverage the power of apps to deliver better healthcare outcomes. Our mission is to power an ecosystem that accelerates the creation, adoption and integration of healthcare apps at a fraction of the time and cost.

Working environment

  • MedStack is based in Toronto, but location flexibility within central Ontario is permissible for this role, with expectations to join the team in person roughly once a week. Autonomy and self-management and communication are supported and encouraged.
  • A collaborative working environment that encourages respectful debate, healthy conflict, customer focus and integrity.

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