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Headquarters: Ghent, Belgium
URL: http://www.getsilverfin.com

Silverfin is an established FinTech SaaS solution built mainly on Ruby, Rails and Javascript, and we’d like to expand with a mobile app. That’s where you come in.

Why we’re calling on you, mobile dev with a mission, is because we want to give our customers ‘more on mobile’. The Silverfin app is going to be quite something. Exactly what that something will be, is pretty much for you to decide.

We're looking for a Rails developer with some experience developing for iOS using modern tools. We would like to provide our customers with reasonably simple webview app where most of the views are generated by our web application but the navigation happens in native code. In the beginning your time will mostly be spent developing and deploying the iOS app, and after a first release will be split 50/50 between the mobile app and our Rails codebase.

You should have experience with creating and deploying an iOS app from scratch. We're open to using alternatives to pure Swift projects like React-Native if you're able to make a good case for it.

Why would you want to work for Silverfin?
First of all, we build a hell of a product. Just to give you a sense of scale: our largest table has 3 billion rows. Mind you, we don’t just build Silverfin for the sake of it. Our product solves a very real problem: it automates and improves a large chunk of the repetitive tasks people working in financial services spend their time on.

Most of us work remotely. We’re based in Belgium, France, Estonia, Slovakia and Brazil... Without Slack we’d be lonely, now we just zap in and out of the zone as we wish.

We’d be really happy to welcome you in our #dev channel. It’s not just virtual: we make sure we regularly get to see each other IRL too: twice a year we fly the team together in a different location across Europe.

Your job

  • You’ll get to develop and maintain our iOS app from scratch, with native components and parts straight from our web application
  • You’ll also work on our Rails codebase. That means backend and frontend, with Ruby, Rails, Coffeescript, Javascript, …
  • You'll be writing both integration and unit tests and participate in our peer code reviews

To apply: Apply through https://silverfin.workable.com/jobs/511289/candidates/new

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