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About ICT Healthcare
Picking up a prescription at the doctor’s, medicines from the pharmacy and checkups and/or admission to hospital – we don’t suggest how much technology is involved in health care. That is just as well, of course, as we have got other things on our mind in moments when we need health care… So it’s good to know that any time that we require a service from our health care system, the quality is always guaranteed. Behind the screens, continuous improvement is going on to make our health care even more efficient and improve its quality. Work is being carried out to standardise processes and improve communication between various systems. This gives us peace of mind.

Do you want to contribute to saving lives?

If you’re thinking about changing jobs and want to make a difference by developing software for life saving systems, join ICT Healthcare! We are working in projects for the development of medical systems and solutions, that will help medical specialist to diagnose patients in a better way, analyze data and images simpler and in more organized manner. We give specialists the opportunity to work together via our solutions with peer doctors all over the world. You can make the impact by working on these projects, with state-of-the-art technology and in teams that’s reliable, quality driven and taking the lead to make it happen for Healthcare. Challenge yourself, join ICT Healthcare! Like to know more, check out our Healtcare Division:

For European Nationalities: we like to offer you a future in the Netherlands

  • You are a non-Dutch resident and live in the European Union!
  • You’d like to build a future in a strong economic environment!
  • You’d like to know what to expect?

Let us explain:
The job we offer is located, in the Southeast of the Netherlands, in the so called “Brainport Eindhoven” region. We have an office in the city of Eindhoven and work for multiple national and international clients. With 25 different nationalities working for us, we have a strong international environment within our company.

As the job is in the Netherlands we invite you to consider moving to our beautiful country. We do realise that this is not just a simple question we ask you as it means, you having to leave your trusted environment. To support you in embracing this idea, we’d like to inform you on what to expect. Coming to the Netherlands means living in a small but densely populated country with cultural diversity, tolerance of differences and receptiveness of foreign influences. The Dutch are down to earth and we perceive consensus, equality, reliability, utility, creativity and a well-organized society as essential. The Netherlands is home to a wide variety of cultures, primarily in the larger cities and it is a safe country to live in.

Brainport Eindhoven is internationally recognized as a top technology region and a great place to work, live and learn. What can you expect? What matters most to us is for you (and your family) to feel at home when you come to work for ICT. Therefor e we’d like to help you with this big step. We assist you in the relocation process. We provide housing, support you with all the paperwork and have an advisor available to answer all your questions. You are not alone as we already have multiple colleagues from your country within our company. To support your integration in the Netherlands, we offer Dutch language courses and training on Dutch culture and society. We want you to be successful in your new job and feel right at home in your new country. We like to think that it’s our responsibility to support you the best way we can. So let’s work together on this! You are considering this challenge and would like to convince us? Send us your resume and motivation and we will get in touch with you.

Your skills

  • You are a (Senior) Software developer/designer with experience in modern software engineering methods and processes
  • You have a bachelor or university education degree in computer science or informatics;
  • 5+ years of experience in technical software development
  • Strong background in mathematics isa nice to have

Your technical skillset:

  • Experience with state-of-the-art programming languages / frameworks:
  • Java, JSE / JEE;
  • C#, .NET (WCF, WPF);
  • C++ (11-14), STL/Boost libraries.

  • Experience with one of the following Operating Systems:

  • VxWorks;

  • Linux;

  • Windows.

  • Experience with modelling, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, UML, Design patterns;

  • Preferable experience with Model Driven Development (DDD) and Domain Specific Language (DSL);

  • Multithreading knowledge (real-time, performance)

Your proces skills:

  • Experience with Product Creation and Quality Processes;
  • Experience with Agile / Scrum way of working;
  • Experience with test processes (e.g. Session-Based Testing, TMAP, ISTQB) and test techniques (e.g. exploratory testing, boundary analysis, state diagrams); experience with test automation;
  • Experience with Continuous Integration (CI) and Test Driven Development (TDD) is a pre;

Apply by using the application form.

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Agency calls are not appreciated.

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