Healthcare Software Engineer

Job Description

Job Description

Prospective duties include working with our existing software development group to design,program, and test new software; develop documentation for our software products; and assist development of supporting server applications. Other responsibilities will include some server and database administrative/support duties. Participation is required in weekly web-based development meetings, as well as other important teleconference meetings as scheduled from time to time.

  • C#
  • Winforms
  • ASP.Net

The stronger emphasis is in C#/Winforms.  We really need a candidate who is familiar with this technology inside-out, a degree of mastery which allows someone to confidently say that they can make a desktop computer do anything using C# (think, "wizard").  The ideal candidate will write strict standards-based code and be very familiar with industry standard design patterns in C#.

That said, we do of course utilize a wider range of technologies, but nothing so deep and specialized that cannot be easily taught on the job (arguably even ASP.Net, provided some basic familiarity already exists).  We absolutely cannot teach someone how to excel at C#/Winforms programming.  They must bring that.  Additionally, experience in healthcare software development is a plus.

Composer, LLC is a physician-managed development firm based in Scranton, Pa, specializing in healthcare  software for use in a hospital environment.  Our primary focus is after market EHR application development.

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