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Why Firestitch is a great place to work

  • We are a mature and innovative development team
  • We embrace flexible workspaces and schedules
  • We work collaboratively, and we don’t expect anyone to have all the answers.
  • Our management team understands the technologies and processes we employ

Are we a good fit for you?

Our company:

  • Firestitch is a web/mobile app development team in business for 8 years.

Our team:

  • We all work from remote locations, with 5 people in the Toronto, Canada area, 1 in Ukraine,
  • We do daily 9am EST standups,
  • We reference frequently via skype calls and chats

Our projects:

  • We focus on business process automation applications.
  • Most our applications are browser-based, some leverage Cordova to deliver iOS/Andriod apps with the same codebase.

Our technology:

  • We are passionate about designing, developing, following and improving patterns to increase development efficiency and reduce testing & maintenance overhead.
  • You can view some of our patterns here: https://boilerplate.firestitch.com/patterns
  • We strive to build reusable components which can be found here: https://github.com/Firestitch
  • We have a proprietary 8-year old MVC PHP framework
  • We have a proprietary 2-year old Angular 1 framework built on top of Angular Material
  • Along with standardized patterns and components, we continue to develop code generators to automate any common development process.
  • We host primarily on AWS

Our processes:

  • We have a strict waterfall approach to projects.
  • All projects start with an iterative graphic and functional design phase.
  • Once designs are approved, the full scope of the project is translated into specifications and organized into components with tasks
  • We have mature quality assurance processes for unit and integration testing

Our project management system:

  • We built a custom project management system to integrate all aspects of our software development process, including: page designs, specifications, plans, components, tasks, databases and APIs, see: https://www.specify.com
  • We continue to improve our platform on a weekly basis with enhancements to increase productivity and reduce inefficiencies.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

We work from home offices intentionally because that’s what our team prefers. The idea of working independently in your personal office collaborating with your team via web meetings should excite you.

We need a full stack developer, the primary need is strong PHP skills along with some experience and interest in Angular.

We need a developer who is able to adapt and learn our technologies quickly, then can grow with us in continually refining our standards.

Because we standardized and automated many common development activities, our developers primarily:

  • Configure components,
  • Develop custom business logic around standardized patterns,
  • Collaborate with technical colleagues to achieve best practices,
  • Collaborate with design and project stakeholders to clarify and solve requirement problems.

In terms of specific strengths, we need a developer who is strong in complex data/object algorithm development.

Technical Requirements

  • 4+ years experience with a formal MVC PHP framework
  • Fluent in Angular (1-2 years experience)
  • Strong command of core front-end technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript/JSON
  • Experience with GIT as a source code management tool
  • Experience with CSS preprocessors such as SASS

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