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Headquarters: Austin, TX
URL: https://waldo-photos.workable.com/jobs/315698

Waldo Photos is a photo finding platform empowering consumers to toss their selfie sticks, put their phones back in their pockets and live in the moment. Waldo is the only platform that removes all of the friction in getting photos of you taken by others and creates new opportunities for photographers to market and sell their photos. Users can enjoy life’s most precious events and automatically receive images taken of them right on their phones or share images of others they’ve taken without having to lift a finger – whether between friends and family or a professional photographer.

We're looking for an independent problem-solver who values learning, keeps current on technology trends, and enjoys the ownership and accountability that is expected from early-stage team members. The ideal candidate:

• will enjoy coding at all layers in a web application stack 

• will be fluent in modern web application frameworks and design 

• will understand how great UX contributes to customer acquisition and retention 

• will learn whatever is necessary to get the job done 

• will write clean, elegant, simple, testable code 

• will be comfortable with git, pull requests, and code reviews 

• will take pride in their work 

• will want to work with others who do the same
While we're based in Austin, Texas we have team members across the globe. We are open to remote, international, contract. But we do need full-time commitment.

Base Qualifications:

  • More than 3+ years experience deploying high quality, modern web applications
  • At least 1 application in production with the ability to talk in depth about your contributions
  • Up to date understanding of the JavaScript ecosystem. Including but not limited to: ES6/7, Babel transpilation, Webpack, Node.js runtime differences, Universal JavaScript, Unit test runners and supporting frameworks
  • Experience designing, building and reading JSON APIs (we're using GraphQL)
  • Experience working in a fast paced startup environment
Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience using React.js (built and shipped)
  • Understanding of SPA State Management patterns such as Flux and implementations like Redux
  • Active Github profile with code samples of React / JavaScript projects and/or contributions to relevant projects
  • Active blog or personal website with writings or projects demonstrating a continued learning, curiosity and interest in the latest and greatest front-end techniques and tools
  • Strong markup skills (HTML5 / CSS3)
Outstanding Qualifications:

  • Actually shipped a Universal JS application
  • Contributor (pull requests) to libraries in the React eco-system (React.js, react-router, redux, reflux)
  • Contributor (pull requests) to major JS libraries (underscore.js, moment.js, Babel, jQuery, lodash)
  • Interested in Node.js backend work or back end work in other languages (we use Python, Clojure, Go and whatever language/library/platforms is right for the job)
  • Experience with GraphQL and related libraries like Relay and Apollo
  • Experience with reactive programming libraries like rxjs, xstream, bacon.js and CycleJS
  • Experience architecting functional reactive front end applications
  • Flexible vacation.
  • Competitive benefits
  • Topo Chico and/or La Croix for days.
  • Unlimited high fives.


  • Type: Full time contractor
  • Annual salary: $90,000 - $110,000
  • Equity: 0.0% - 0.20%

To apply: Please apply here: https://waldo-photos.workable.com/jobs/315698/candidates/new

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