Digital Design Engineer

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Job Description

Job Description

At, we're making reconfigurable hardware as easy to
develop and use as software. We do this though a platform that can
build & deploy Go code to run on FPGAs in the cloud.

We're looking for a digital design engineer to work on our Go
compiler. You'd work on tools to lower the barrier to entry for high
performance computing, by developing the core FPGA components our
compiler uses.

Some of the projects the digital design teams has worked on in the last quarter include:

* Designing new low level FPGA hardware components
* Reducing place & route time for user code
* Developed Go libraries allowing for efficient & safe pipelined memory access

You would work with a small, distributed team with varied skillsets,
that strives for empathy and inclusiveness in our work. We have folks
with experience in hardware design, compilers, backend, devops, and
machine learning.

We use Slack & Hangouts to keep in touch, and Trello to track
work. Building a great developer workflow is essential to our
products, so we use continuous integration & continuous deployment.


* Experience with a either Verilog or VHDL
* Experience writing VHDL or Verilog to coding guidelines
* Familiarity with simulation tools & writing simulation test harnesses
* Experience optimizing Verilog or VHDL code for efficient mapping to FPGA architecture
* Experience writing TCL scripts

Bonus points

* Experience with Go
* Experience with high level synthesis tools
* Experience with functional programming
* Experience using AXI & network on chip is a early stage Manchester and Austin based startup aimed towards enabling cloud engineers to use hardware accelerator technologies through a hybrid platform-as-a-service.

We have traction with some early large customers and have seed funding.

We value a diverse team and strive to build an inclusive work environment. We’re a small, distributed team that relies on visibility of work, sharing knowledge, and collaboration to build high quality software.

Monthly Salary Unspecified Seniority Level Not Applicable
Industry IT Job Function Other
Employment Type Full Time Vacancies 0
Skills devops,backend,machine learning,cloud,git,go,distributed,engineer,network
Location Remote