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Does building, managing, and automating infrastructure for a real-time, high-availability, low-latency, variable-workload system excite you? Do you view your engineering team as your customers for the develop, test, and deploy pipeline? Do you have a love/hate relationship with Docker? Do you like job descriptions that start off with a bunch of buzzwords to grab your attention?

That’s where you come in. As a DevOps Engineer at Poll Everywhere, you will be an integral part of the team that ensures the test and deployment workflow is fast and stable. You view this workflow as a product and the engineering team as your customers and enjoy making them happy. If they have problems deploying, you view it as a usability problem and make the appropriate tweaks to fix whether it’s changing the tool or writing documentation.

Your other responsibilities aren’t set in stone. We’re always looking for talented people who are willing to push themselves. You should enjoy creating systems and processes that ensure Poll Everywhere’s demanding services levels are met. You are comfortable working with business folks to set these service levels in line with our users’ expectations. You will work with the application engineering team to implement these metrics into the Poll Everywhere stack.

You will love working with us if you…

  • Fight complexity. We aren’t interested in people turned on by the idea of complex architecture. We believe in keeping things simple with minimal moving parts.
  • Love new technologies. You’re not afraid to try new tools, but also know when to stick with stuff because “It Just Works™”. Check out our current stack.
  • Break things on purpose and put them back together. It’s a fun and effective way to test and you treat infrastructure as code and facilitate repeatable deployments.
  • Like working alongside a team of kickass engineers. We think infrastructure is just as important as the code, which is why our entire engineering team spent 4 days on a retreat learning about Docker so that we’d understand how to get our apps into production faster.
  • Enjoy sharing knowledge so you aren’t the only one who can do something–especially when it’s 2AM and there is an urgent bug.

You already…

  • Have a CS degree or equivalent experience.
  • Have at least 2 years of programming in an OO language (such as Java, Go, Python, Ruby, Perl).
  • Have experience working in a high-availability environment, providing 24×7 SaaS service with on-call rotation for escalations.
  • Have deep experience with the AWS stack and Docker.
  • Automate your way to victory and improve the efficiency of processes with Puppet, Chef, Saltstack, Ansible, Terraform or other configuration management tools.
  • Put in place patch cycles, maintenance windows, and all other human process that matter.
  • Read from sources like Bruce Schneier or SecurityFocus.
  • Secure systems with iptables, ipfw, or other firewall tools. Scan using Nessus, nmap, and tcpdump. Know how to look for security problems and use IDS tools.
  • Know IP subnetting like the back of your hand and your VLANs from your VPNs.
  • You don’t always parse logs, but when you do, you use sed, awk, and grep. When feeling saucy, you ship off to centralized solutions like logstash or Papertrail.

Application Process:

Keep applications brief; we want small resumes with relevant experience. Be prepared to defend any laundry lists of skills. Short but super-personalized cover letters are welcome and always read!

Principals only, please. We aren’t using contingency staffing agencies at the moment. Poll Everywhere is not responsible for any fees related to unsolicited resumes.

Good luck!

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