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Travis CI is looking for a Customer Advocate to communicate with and empower our customers. Together with our diverse Customer Success team, you will help grow customer loyalty and facilitate community involvement. The community is made up of developers around the world working together to make Travis CI even better!

As our first dedicated Customer Advocate, you will work closely with our customer-oriented team: account managers, support engineers, and documentarians. We are looking forward to your perspective and experience in communications and community.

The role of a Customer Advocate in our team will focus on proactive communications such as email campaigns, social media, community management, and anything else you’d like to try out. In addition, a Customer Advocate will be responsible for keeping a close eye on customer trends, analyzing impact, and raising observations with your team and through company-wide discussions.

Not only will you be working closely with customers, but also recommending and implementing new ideas to help them have a better experience. Almost all of our customers (and coworkers) are engineers or have some engineering background, and you will be working alongside these folks to help prevent problems and make improvements. We believe strongly in giving our Customer Success team creative license to approach situations and projects in new and interesting ways. We look forward to your ideas, analysis, and experiments.

On any given day, you might be working on projects and problems like these:

  • Talking to customers on GitHub issues or Twitter, to help them figure out how to solve problems or when to contact support
  • Communicating with customers about product features and subscription setup/management questions
  • Recommending Travis CI (continuous integration) environments and workflows for users to try out and adapt
  • Responding to cancellation emails to follow up and clarify feedback/ways to improve for the future
  • Contributing your expertise in written communications through supporting your developer teammates who are on-duty for their support week as part of our developer support rotation
  • Reviewing and analyzing customer response data gathered through Help Scout, our NPS survey, or anecdotal discussions
  • Shaping the direction of our Customer Success team and the Travis CI product based on the information you’ve gathered, the trends you’ve noticed, and the stories you’ve heard

Our main office is in Berlin, Germany and we have customers and a team spread across the globe. Whether you are onsite, or remote, we are passionate about supporting you as a member of our distributed team. Preferably, you are located somewhere between UTC -8 to UTC +3. All of our communications are in English.


You like working in a team and learning new processes and technologies. You enjoy talking to and helping people, anticipating their needs and supporting them with suggestions and solutions before there's a problem that requires approaching Support. You are reflective about the impact choices have on customer’s experience, and the role you have facilitating customer’s interactions with Travis CI as a product and a company.

You want to help us shape our customer success environment. You are full of ideas and love to use them to help people do their jobs better and more efficiently. We foster a culture of continuous improvement and we'd like you to be an essential part of it.

You probably have a background that includes some of following:

  • Interest and skills in communications, business, and/or software engineering
  • Experience in a community- or customer-facing role of some sort (community management, customer support/service, tutoring/education, sales, etc.)
  • Understanding of how to manage a community/forum and communicating personally and empathetically with larger audiences (e.g. through an email campaign)
  • Some level of knowledge of any programming language and awareness of some common development processes and tools
  • Excellent problem-solving and logic skills, as well as an ability to speak and write both precisely and accurately
  • You’re curious to learn new things about customers and technologies
  • Ability to identify and relay relevant customer feedback
  • Strong, fluent written and spoken English

Ultimately, we are looking for individuals who can and want to make a contribution to our constantly growing and evolving company. Whether you have only a few or all of the elements of a candidate’s background we identified, we’d love to hear from you if you think Travis CI might be a good fit for you!


Our core company values are openness, diversity, collaboration, and empathy so we want to support you as human and an individual through the benefits we offer. These include:

  • Location/Travel: Being a distributed team, you can work from wherever you want. You don’t have to go to Berlin, but we’re happy to fly you in for visits. And, the whole company gets together once a year for a company off-site.
  • Flexible working hours: You choose your working hours. We understand life comes with responsibilities and complications. We have families and personal lives, and we encourage all our employees to spend time tending to them.
  • Time-off: You will have a minimum of 25 days off - and you must take all of them. We know things at work can be busy and exciting, but want to help make sure you are happy and healthy, and time away is important for that. You can find more information about our minimum vacation policy here.
  • Health Benefits: Your health insurance is partially covered by Travis CI. We’ll generally split about 50/50 between employer and employee, with up to a €250 employer contribution, no matter where you are. We’re happy to share more details on the specific healthcare options during the interview process.
  • Parental Leave: At Travis CI, we recognize the physical, emotional, and psychological demands of both childbirth and childcare and consider that a period of leave is important for the well-being of both parent and child. Therefore, we provide a fully paid leave with additional benefits for parents of all genders as well as adoptive parents and those in surrogacy arrangements.
  • Professional and Personal Growth: You’ll learn and grow at conferences, we’ll cover your travel and ticket costs according to our individual conference budgets. We’ll also ship you a Kindle and give you a book allowance so you can take time off and read.

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