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Thunderbird is a email client depended on daily by 25 million people. It was developed under the Mozilla Corporation until 2014 when development was handed over to the community. The Thunderbird Council, who leads the community effort, has begun hiring contractors in support of this venture.

You will join the team that is leading Thunderbird into a bright future. We are a passionate team of volunteers that care about the future of Thunderbird. With your help we can make an enduring impact and ensure that the impression Thunderbird makes upon community members and users is positive and well-suited.

About the Position

Working as a Thunderbird community manager you will have a diverse scope of duties. You will help let the public know about all the great work that the Thunderbird community is doing under the hood and will be responsible for making sure new contributors are properly supported and empowered throughout all stages of contribution.

This is a part-time, remote 3-month contract position, with the possibility of continuing. We are open to discussion to take your personal situation and skillset into account regarding the term and contract length.

As the Thunderbird Community Manager, you will support this passionate community by maintaining, building, and nurturing community programs as you:

  • Report project progress and engage the community through blog posts and social media
  • Develop and run programs to increase volunteer engagement and satisfaction
  • Support programs and outreach campaigns that move volunteers up the contribution curve and ensure they have opportunities to make meaningful contributions
  • Gain a better understanding of users’ and donors’ needs through outreach and discussion
  • Identify obstacles within the project and work with the Thunderbird Council to remove them
  • Devise programs to sustain and increase donor contributors and satisfaction.

Your Previous Experience

  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills and are fluent in English
  • You exercise good judgment and can back up your decisions with reason and logic
  • Your deep understanding of human nature and good grasp of social dynamics mean you are effective working in teams and you bring out the best in people
  • You show strong initiative and can determine new goals independently
  • You are familiar with technology and online communities, ideally open-source communities
  • You have expert understanding of the social media landscape, including demonstrated skills in creating content for social media.
  • You have at least 2 years of relevant work experience.

Experience with the Mozilla ecosystem is a plus but not required.

Next Steps

If this position sounds like a good fit for you please send us your resume with a cover letter. Tell us about why you’re passionate about Thunderbird and this position. If you are involved in any open source projects or maintain a blog we’d love to hear about it.

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