Backend Software Engineer (Architecture, Scaling, DevOps, Elixir)

Job Description

Remesh is solving the fundamental problem of enabling a group of people to speak with one collective voice and harnessing their collective intelligence. We are a highly skilled team with backgrounds ranging from AI and self-driving cars to pure math and politics. We have strong initial traction and just closed a 2.25M seed round. We need your help to grow.

What you will be working on

Remesh is a real time one-to-many chat application that lets a single person interact with a large (8000+) group of people as if they were a single person. Members of the group can contribute responses and make binary choices on responses that other members have suggested. Our algorithms then process this data to produce a ranking of these responses in real time. We also provide analysis of this data using machine learning and natural language processing.

One of our long term goals is to handle millions of people in a single conversation. This presents a unique problem in architecture and vertical scaling as we continue to grow our platform.

Some examples of what you might actually be doing:

  • Help us build out our microservices infrastructure
  • Improve the scaling of our algorithms
  • Improve automation of deployment, testing, etc.
  • Helping us add features to the platform (we're still a small team, so our developers wear a lot of hats at Remesh)

Our technologies

Our stack consists of Elixir/Erlang and Phoenix, Python and Tensorflow, JavaScript and AngularJS, and PostgreSQL, all running on Google Cloud Platform. We intend to move our frontend to Vue.js in the near future.

Why you might want to work here

  • You'll get to work on difficult problems with a group of smart people as we continue to architect and scale our product
  • Small dev team that you can help shape
  • Freedom to make tech decisions and have a major impact on our product every day
  • Be a part of a rapidly developing product
  • Have a lot of independence and freedom without micromanagement


  • You know how to Get Things Done
  • You love to build things and have created a lot of projects in the past
  • Experience architecting and scaling production software
  • You love DevOps, automation, and defined processes
  • Extensive knowledge of web technologies
  • You believe in writing tests for all your code
  • We care less about knowledge of our specific stack than we do about general skill. We don't expect you to know Elixir right off the bat, but you would be expected to pick it up quickly.


  • Experience with the BEAM virtual machine
  • Design ability - a good understanding of what makes a positive user experience

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