Fees and Charges

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Charges paid by freelancers for the use of Fevrok platform:

The commission of Fevrok site is calculated in descending order based on the value of freelancer transaction volume all the time with the same customer and is deducted from the freelancer earnings and not from the project owner.

The greater the volume of dealing with the same freelancer with the owner of the project whenever the commission is deducted from it and therefore increase profits, to be like this:

20% commission for the first $ 500 total cumulative value with the same customer.

15% on projects with the same client between $ 500.01 and up to $ 5,000.

7% of the payments of more than $ 5 thousand for the freelancer of the same customer as a cumulative value.

Example: What is my total profit as a freelancer of a $ 6,000 project with a new customer?

You will receive a total profit of $ 5155 and detailed as follows:

20% commission on $ 500 = $ 400 profit.

15% commission on $ 4500 = $ 3825 profit.

Commission on $ 1000 = $ 930 profit.

Procedural fees on payments:

2.75% of the fees will be charged to the account holders to cover the fees charged by the electronic payment portals from the amount paid to the freelancer.

Example: When the balance of the account of the entrepreneur is paid in a separate payment for a project at a value of $ 100, a fee of 2.75% will be added, meaning that there will be $ 2.75 as an additional charge on the invoice value.