Zürich, Switzerland

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Stairlin | Zürich, Switzerland | Full-time | REMOTE | Frontend Engineer | https://stairlin.com/jobs.html Stairlin is building a marketplace for anyone to easily start or run their business online; and to offer their customers a seamless experience to find, book and pay for their services in 15 seconds or less. As a frontend engineer, you will work on our B2C and B2B web platforms. This includes implementing new features and refining existing ones. You will also work closely with our sales team in order to bring customers feedback into our product. What we'll expect from you: * 5+ years of experience with software development * Experience in Javascript (ES5/6/7) * Experience with React, Redux, Saga or similar tools * Experience with HTML and SCSS * Deep understanding of browsers, HTTP and networking * Excellent written and verbal communication skills * Strong opinions, weakly held * Bonus: You speak one swiss national language Some of the technologies we use: Frontend: [JS, ES6, React, Redux, Saga, HTML, SCSS, Webpack] Backend: [Go, Microservices, LEGO, Couchbase, InfluxDB, Docker, Swarm] Apply here: ['job', '@', 'stairlin.com'].join('') or contact me for more info: ['bg', '@', 'stairlin.com'].join('') (I am Bastien Gysler, co-founder and software engineer)

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