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As a full-stack engineer at Sharethrough you’ll build out our native monetization software suite used by top publishers and brands on the open web, powering critical revenue behind companies like Hearst, CBSi and Time Inc. We believe that advertising can be better and you'll help make that happen. You'll be a key contributor to our AngularJS/Rails-backed content marketplace and the backend services that make thousands of complex, real-time decisions per second possible.

What You'll Be Doing

  • Having a say: You’ll participate in the problem definition and solution process with a diverse group of engineers, designers and business owners from around the company.
  • Proper engineering: Writing Rails and AngularJS that is performant, well-tested, and easy to maintain.
  • Technical heavy lifting: You’ll architect and implement major components of an ambitious technical roadmap.
  • Deploying code on your first day: We push to production on every commit via our continuous integration and deployment pipeline.

Let's Talk If

  • You’ve shipped software: You have production experience with a nice bit of our stack: Ruby, Rails, Sidekiq, CoffeeScript, AngularJS, etc. and for the parts you don’t, you’re excited to learn.
  • You care about code: You take pride in development, and have a deep understanding of how to write high quality, maintainable, extensible software.
  • You want to derive meaning from what you do: Every engineer here is excited to understand what problem they’re solving, why they’re solving it and who they’re solving it for.

Why You'll Love Working at Sharethrough

  • We love Austin! We’re in a great workspace in the heart of downtown, have team lunches, paid parking, and quarterly trips to San Francisco.
  • Values-driven culture: You’d be walking into a welcoming and diverse environment that is built around action, optimism, purpose and transparency. We have a fun, supportive culture, and firmly believe in what we’re doing.
  • Marry the problem, not the solution: We’re constantly re-evaluating our technical infrastructure to deliver faster, better, and more reliable software.

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