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Headquarters: Raleigh

This is a freelance project (Not a full-time position) and can be done remotely from anywhere in the world, however we prefer candidates whose native language is English.

Writing Brief:
We need a technical writer who can help us document and write a compelling eBook (15k-20k words) that communicates the details of our latest Agile Innovation and Organizational Performance Management System. This system is designed to radically improve company alignment, innovation, employee engagement and performance. This Agile management system is not a task management or project management system. It is a system inspired by several goal setting methodologies, but is in its own right a complete re-invention of how to foster goal alignment and achievement in large companies. We have not merely invented a new system for just tracking goals, but an entirely new way to foster rich learning interactions between employees designed to accelerate a company's bottom line while also helping employees succeed at work.

Guidance on The End Product
Here are two previous eBooks we've produced. We seek a writer who can "un-pack" the details and communicate the details of our Agile Management System in a similar manner.

Working From Our Extensive Transcripts
We have conducted approximately 15 intense design research sessions to uncover a new approach to goal setting and alignment that overcomes the ways large companies typically organize and make decisions.

Each of these design sessions has produced documented conversations approaching 15,000-20,000 words each. These notes informally document a wide ranging set of features and micro-interactions as well as business rules that need to be captured and described in our eBook.

Ideal Background and Skills
We seek a VERY savvy writer who is part investigative journalist, part geek, part tech writer, part management consultant, part technical writer, and most importantly, someone that is a story teller.

The ideal candidate will be comfortable working MAINLY with our transcripts. From this informal documentation we want you to extract all the critical information required to develop a an eBook manuscript between 15k-20K in length.


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