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Job Description

We are looking for someone that knows how to create and maintain beautiful, dynamic and responsive web applications.  This is a leadership position where you will work closely with the VP of Software Development and product team to evaluate technologies, plan and architect new features, and break larger features into tasks that can be worked on by junior developers.

Our current web application is backed by the Play! Framework for Scala, but it primarily serves an Angular1.5 SPA.  Not to worry - there’s plenty of opportunity to work with more current tech. We anticipate refreshing the web app this year, and we expect you to play a crucial role in that process - we want someone that knows how to design a modern greenfield web application.  

You’ll have a lot of influence over which framework we pick (both front & back-end, although we have a substantial Scala codebase).  We are also looking for you to be able to create an app that avoids the pitfalls we made the first time, such as how to incorporate UI testing from the beginning, how to design a sane client-side routing strategy, how to leverage our strongly typed back-end into our client application and more. It’s an exciting opportunity for someone with a passion for creating web-based applications.


  • Have at at least 6 years professional developer experience
  • Know are an expert with HTML/CSS/JS
  • Know AngularJS 1.x well, and are familiar with one or more modern js frameworks
  • Are comfortable working on server side with a web framework
  • Can do self directed work and work as part of a team
  • Are intellectually honest
  • Can express technical concepts to a non-technical audience
  • Are trustworthy and conscientious
  • Have excellent troubleshooting and problem solving skills
  • Understand the trade-off between purity of code and the practicality of business, that is, you are willing to make reasonable compromises to satisfy business objectives.
  • Are able to context switch during the day

It’d be cool if you...

  • Have experience with Scala or other compiled server technologies
  • Have worked as a team lead before (officially or not)
  • Enjoy mentoring
  • Have worked on a scrum team
  • Know Unix well
  • Have public examples of projects you’ve completed
  • Have published technically relevant articles, blog posts or books

We will...

  • Pay a competitive salary including equity and health insurance
  • Provide a laptop  of your choice - we have a mix of Lenovo’s & Macbooks in our dev team
  • Respect your work schedule and habits by focusing on results
  • Offer you a chance to go on an exciting ride as the company grows

Attributes of Top Signal Vine Performers

  • Respectful and value the contributions of others
  • Humble enough to know it’s not all about you
  • Anticipates what’s next and prepares
  • Insightful to gain a complete understanding
  • Intuitive to not always need instructions
  • Detail-Oriented knowing the smallest details can be the most important
  • Compassionate to not only care for, but try to understand others

Your first few months

To make the onboarding process smooth, and give you a flavor of what you can expect, we have a set of goals & milestones to help get you up to speed @Signal Vine.

By (calendar) day 30

  • You will know our application architecture
  • You will know our build and deploy process
  • You will know our development workflow
  • You will have completed tickets in a sprint
  • You will learn and use our proprietary scripting language to onboard customers with our customer success team

By day 60

  • You will have completed your customer onboarding rotation (6 weeks, 30 work days)
  • Your sprint velocity will increase
  • You will be contributing to discussions about how to build and architect features during our backlog review & pointing sessions
  • You will be working on proof of concepts for enhancing the platform architecture

By day 90

  • You will be helping jr. developers solve issues
  • You will know all of the initiatives the product team and contractors are working on, and how they align w/the company vision
  • You will be discussing and planning application strategy w/the VP of Software Engineering

Signal Vine continues to build an enterprise communications platform that allows organizations to implement behavioral economic programs to affect outcomes. Our platform combines text messaging with data analytics to deliver a highly personalized and interactive experience for our customer's constituents.

We are experiencing rapid growth due to the market adoption of our enterprise mobile messaging platform. Our company’s technology helps solve social issues, and we recognize that the key to our growth and success is hiring great people. The ideal candidate for Signal Vine will be a great teammate that brings creative problem-solving skills to the job while maintaining the dedication and focus required to achieve results. 

An important factor in our success so far is our ability to work smarter - that is, we recognize that our employees need to have downtime in order to do their best work.  We pride ourselves on our ability to come together to achieve the common goal of growing our business, while allowing our colleagues and teammates to live a healthy and balanced life. We have a powerful vision and have lined up a stellar team of partners, staff and investors in what we expect will be an incredible journey.

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