Software Engineer – FE, BE, or Test

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Headquarters: Sunnyvale, CA

Location: United States and Canada, All regions

 The Position

As a Software Engineer at SDVI your mission is to join a small team in delivering our customers a rock-solid functionality and performance.  This means we rise to the challenge of building the next generation of web applications and cloud based systems, applying creativity and agility, coupled with tight customer interaction. We despise it when bugs escape, but when they do we catch and fix them fast.

 You could be a great addition to our team if:
  • You are the self-motivated, do-what-it-takes, loves-learning-new-things type
  • You like small teams killing it in short sprints with lots of customer exposure
  • Communication is your breath, collaboration your life blood
  • You can work from home with great tools like Slack, Trello, Hangouts, Zoom


You will be unleashed on: 

  • FE position
  •   Developing Front End mark-up, controllers, and services
  •   Designing FE code that cleanly reveals the power of our suite of services
  •   Designing a UX which empowers users to break down complex tasks
  •   Writing Front end unit test against the client code
  •   System integration with Back End REST APIs
  •   Investigate, integrate, and utilize Open Source Libraries

  • BE position
  •   Developing microservices for media supply chain management and analysis
  •   Designing BE code that delivers breakthrough functionality, reliability, and performance
  •   Designing BE code that leverages leading edge cloud technologies
  •   Writing unit test and tools to ensure the quality of our services
  •   System integration with Front End web applications and media partner services
  •   Investigate, integrate, and utilize Open Source Libraries

  • Test Position
  •   Developing Test Automation Infrastructure
  •   Manual Testing of the “hard parts”, as they await automated solutions where possible
  •   System integration test design and execution
  •   Identifying System Regressions
  •   Usability Testing
  •   System instability detection
  •   Test Vectors: UI, Microservices, REST APIs, System Integration

The SDVI Platform:

  • Python 3, Flask, SQLAlchemy
  • JavaScript, AngularJS, PUG, SCSS, VueJS
  • Microservices, REST APIs
  • Docker, Nginx, Postgresql
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Linux, Windows

Desired Qualifications and Skills:

  •   Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. CS, CE, EE or equivalent preferred.
  •   Minimum of five years of programming experience 
  •   Strong design and analytical skills
  •   Organized, thorough, and detail oriented
  •   Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  •   Ability to work both independently at home, and as part of a team using collaborative tools like Slack, Trello, Hangouts, Zoom.
  •   Located in USA or Canada ONLY, for now. 

  • FE Specific
  •   Good knowledge of JavaScript, Angular or similar

  • BE Specific
  •   Good knowledge of Python, REST APIs, Microservice Architectures, cloud technologies

  • Test Specific 
  •   Good knowledge of Python and/or JavaScript

 Very Cherished Skills: 

  • BE Specific
  •   Python Ninja
  •   Complex systems design
  •   Experience of Professional media format and workflow

  • FE Specific
  •   Experience writing Single Page Web Apps (especially AngularJS)
  •   Experience with VueJS
  •   Complex systems design
  •   Mark-up and CSS Rockstar
  •   MVC or similar front end design patterns
  •   Experience of Professional media format and workflow

  • Test Specific
  •   Experience testing Single Page Web Apps (especially AngularJS)
  •   Complex systems testing
  •   System testing experience
  •   Relation Databases knowledge
  •   Experience of Professional media format and workflow


To apply:

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