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The mission of the Software Engineer (Backend) is to scale the Overlap platform so it can be used by some of the top healthcare organizations in the world. You will make it easier for our clients to use health data coming from apps and devices, and integrate it with their care management systems and electronic health record data to improve clinical care.

We are on a mission to make quality healthcare more accessible to all. Your work on the platform is going to make this a reality. We have a chance to help patients and clinicians prevent disease and live better quality lives.


  • Grow and advance the platform: you will design and implement new functionality to ingest, process, and export mobile and clinical health data; add new internal APIs to power our own web and mobile apps, for example to visualize data and improve engagement; add more integrations for external APIs, like Fitbit or Garmin, to unlock the value of that data.
  • Collaborate and communicate daily with the product team (including product managers, designers, backend, frontend and mobile engineers) using the latest and greatest in communication technologies (i.e. Slack, JIRA, Google Docs)
  • Add at least four new vendor APIs to our implementation of Shimmer by the end of 2017. You will open source these shims to the Open mHealth community
  • Improve the robustness of our platform, by writing tests for functionality and by building systems that scale


  • Efficiency - You believe that speed and quality can be achieved at the same time with the right trade-offs, and are well-versed in how to make those tradeoffs.
  • Honesty - You know when you don’t know. You have no problem raising your hand and asking for help.
  • Experience - Proven-track record in: designing and building scalable systems, including expertise in domain modelling, system architecture, and enterprise integration; developing backend systems using Java and Spring (framework, MVC, Data); designing and; implementing REST APIs; using relational and NoSQL data stores, preferably PostgreSQL and MongoDB; identifying risk and translating; that risk into valuable unit and integration tests ; using industry standard tools and frameworks, such as Git, Docker, and Gradle. (Bonus points if you have: knowledge of Spring Batch and Spring Integration; familiarity with microservice architectures; have worked in compliance-sensitive environments, like HIPAA or PCI)
  • Organization, planning - You are self-managed, know how to prioritize, meet deadlines and define deliverables. 
  • Attention to detail - You write clear, well-organized and documented code, do not skimp on writing tests, and you’ve thought about all edge cases
  • Communication - You write and speak English clearly. 
  • Hungry - to learn the latest technology and care about how what you’re building is going to improve the user experience. 
  • Teamwork - You have no problem helping the team reach the finish line or go deep on a huge challenge. You work well in fast moving teams and have no problem working with others to solve difficult problems. You support your team as much as your team supports you. You will work closely and collaboratively with designers, engineers, architects and management. 

  • To apply: Send along a cover letter, any links to any code you’re proud of. If your code is on Github, you can share a private repo with emersonf (obviously if you can’t send code then it’s not a deal breaker). Email everything to, including “Software Engineer (Backend)” in the subject line. We look forward to hear from you!

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