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“Jun” means truth, and our culture is all about openness and honesty. This is a place where individuals are heard, diverse perspectives are encouraged, and the CEO makes time to take everyone to lunch, one and two at a time. It’s a place where we ask every developer to spend part of their time going beyond our strategy, to show us their own.

When you work here you develop on the national stage, reaching tens of millions of users around the world, thousands of times a second, every day. Our technology is integrated into the world’s most popular apps and sites. Our clients are household names: Coke, Conde-Nast, Frito-Lay, McDonald's, etc.

In this role, you will:

  • Work on high-scale, modern cloud-hosted services in JRuby and Scala

  • Contribute to a diverse technology stack, spanning  iOS, Android, and HTML5/Javascript


We’re a polyglot team and platform; you can come to this from any background, just like we did.

A few indications that you're right for the job:

  • You’ve got samples of elegant, interesting and well documented code in your favorite language

  • You've got stories about building for maintainability and scalability

  • You’ve got a good handle on web development using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript

  • You’re comfortable multi-tasking and dealing with deadlines


Total compensation is based on experience; excellent benefits, conference/training budget. We welcome diversity and non-traditional paths into the developer profession, and advocate strongly for hiring the right person as opposed to the right combination of tech keywords.

If this sounds like a fit, drop us a line. No recruiters or other 3rd parties please!

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