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We are looking for a self-motivated developer who is passionate about remote working, building ambitious web applications, and automated testing. Help build industry-leading software used by librarians and researchers around the world to help them stay more engaged with their journals.

Third Iron is dedicated to bringing next-generation technologies to libraries, and was founded by technologists and librarians with broad experience in the information industry. We care deeply about what we are doing and are dedicated to building a great team to support our customers, which includes professors and researchers at world-renowned institutions.

Libraries are going through a rapid transformation and Third Iron helps libraries provide a great user experience for their patrons.  If you have not been in a library lately, you may be surprised how technology is truly at the center of everything a library does. Our multi-platform service, BrowZine, enables academic & research libraries to make their peer-reviewed journals available to their patrons in an easy-to-use interface.  Response has been terrific:

Your Role

As a Senior Web Full-Stack Developer, you will help make architectural decisions, write automated tests, code the implementation, review code, and collaborate with our team of polyglot programmers for Third Iron's flagship service, BrowZine , and its supporting services. 

Third Iron is a remote-first company. Everyone from software developers to support and sales contribute remotely. We stay tightly in step with the needs of our customers - researchers and librarians - to help them browse, read, discover, and organize scholarly information.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Build new features for, our flagship web product written in Ember.js
  • Improve existing features to enhance journal reading for academic librarians at hundreds of research institutions around the world
  • Help shape and build our API, powered by Node.js and adopting many concepts from JSON API 1.0
  • Store user data using industry-standard CouchDB
  • Contribute to our custom Content Management System admin site, an internal tool for managing large amounts of data from our hundreds of library customers

Have an interest in more back-end things, too? You can also get your feet wet, or deep dive:

  • Stay on top of the latest in our server-side stack, which involves Node, Postgres, and CouchDB. We encourage using the latest APIs, tools, and development techniques. Learn about all the tools we use at our StackShare:
  • Optimize and help scale our Heroku/AWS cloud-based systems as our customer base continues to grow to ensure solid performance for all users

What We're Looking For:

  • A passion for automated testing, continuous integration, and constantly improving how we do things
  • A strong interest in JavaScript and its future (ES2017 and beyond)
  • A strong interest, and thorough experience, with Ember and its community
  • Strong communication skills - since we are a remote team, timely responses and clear communications are essential
  • Experience writing test-focused code - we rely on both acceptance-level and unit-level automated tests to ensure we do not have regressions
  • High comfort level with source control, especially git
  • A self-motivated developer who can work independently, since remote work demands it
  • Strong desire to learn new technologies.  We want to embrace the tools and techniques that help us build great software and let us sleep soundly at night, knowing our users are having a delightful experience and our servers are not catching fire

Because we are a Minnesota-based company, we are currently limiting our search to Minnesota residents (or people willing to relocate there).

When you apply, please include anything that helps demonstrate your development abilities: your GitHub or Bitbucket profile, sample code you can share, articles or tutorials you have written, Stack Overflow contributions, bug reports on open source projects, or anything else you can share that is indicative of what you can bring to the team.

Third Iron, founded in 2011 as a remote-first software development company, creates innovative library technologies to help academic libraries and the researchers they support. BrowZine, our flagship service, is used by hundreds of universities, hospitals, corporations and government facilities around the world.  Third Iron is a Minnesota, USA, company, but our software development team is distributed throughout the USA. We have been included in a list of the Top Telecommute Companies:

About BrowZine

BrowZine is a service that helps researchers browse, read and monitor academic literature. Whether a researcher's interest is in science/engineering/STEM, social science, humanities, or any other area of study, BrowZine provides them with convenient workflow tool firmly integrated into other library systems to help them keep up with their journal reading.

BrowZine API:

  • Node.js
  • Postgres
  • Generally JSON format
  • CircleCI for builds
  • A variety of AWS services

BrowZine user data: 

  • Stored in CouchDB, with code written in Node.js
  • CircleCI for builds
  • Amazon OpsWorks for deployment

Data consumption: 

  • Consume data from many services in a wide variety of formats: usage metrics, peer reviewed research article metadata, information about academic libraries at research-focused universities, and more

Although this job opportunity is primarily focused on front-end server-side programming, if you also have an interest in back-end web development, or even native mobile app development, please let us know! Third Iron makes an Ember-based version of BrowZine , and a native iOS and Android app of BrowZine.

Learn about all the tools we use at our StackShare:

We are looking for a great developer to help refine our current products and to join with us in pioneering new ones. With Third Iron, you will work with a top-notch team, creatively work to build and improve products, and help plan for future growth. We are invested in continuous learning so you will be working with the technologies needed to build great native apps.

Third Iron is comprised of people with diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. We do not discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, age, religion, color, or any other factors.

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