Senior Solr/Lucene Search Engineer

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We are looking for someone with Solr/Lucene experience; an advanced degree in a quantitative field; hands-on experience hacking data; good exploratory analysis skills; the ability to work with our dev/IT/veterinary teams; the ability and curiosity to generate and create algorithms and models rather than relying on out-of-the-box ones; and the ability and passion to tell a story with the data.

Desired Qualifications and Requirements:

  • BS/MS/Ph.D. in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Data Science, Machine learning, Applied Statistics, Applied Mathematics or related quantitative fields.
  • 5+ years of production-level search engineering experience using Solr/Lucene
  • Deep, current knowledge of inner workings of Solr and Lucene is highly desired, open source contributions to the Solr/Lucene code base is a strong plus
  • Experience in Java, SQL

Initial responsibilities include:

  • develop, configure, tune, and manage multiple Solr collections
  • automate indexing, alerting, reporting, testing
  • analytics
  • security
  • disaster recovery plan, documentation, team training

Current setup

  • We are using Solr 4.10 in master slave configuration with load- balanced slaves. We want to test and upgrade to current version of Solr and decide whether to move to cloud
  • Solr servers are maintained on Windows Servers.
  • We are a Windows, .NET, C#, SQL based shop.
  • The main collection is 3 million + "documents" containing veterinary related content, images, videos, etc.

Areas of growth (incomplete list)

  • we have not moved all content to Solr search yet and need a plan to do that
  • relevancy tuning is an ongoing struggle
  • managing synonyms (large collection of keywords with many multi term synonyms)
  • the collection we are using for our autosuggest needs to be improved and updated
  • user search logs need to be analyzed and the results fed back into improving search
  • we have a dev and QA environment but our testing is very minimal and needs improvement and automation
  • we have an extensive medical/veterinary vocabulary and have started to use it for some entity recognition/extraction/tagging but want to explore ways to exploit it
  • data mining, analytics, data visualization

About Search on VIN

Search is one of the most used features on VIN. Our members are busy veterinarians that use search to find information to get help with cases, learn, and keep up with veterinary medicine. The information comes from multiple sources (journals, proceedings, clinical rounds, handouts, faqs, slideshows, videos, message board discussions, etc.) and varies from common topics like diabetes in dogs and cats to differentials for behavior changes in a Chilean rose tarantula. Our goal with search is to take whatever they enter into the search box and instantly put the most relevant, useful information in their face. It's an ongoing challenge :)

We have an ever evolving keyword system that we use for indexing, classification, categorization, and tagging much of the content. It is also used to help build autosuggestion, synonyms, and facets. We have only started to take advantage of the many ways it can be used to tell a story with the data :)

Hiring process

We don’t want to waste your time, which is why we would like for you to understand our hiring process. You will be notified after each stage if you will be moving forward in the hiring process.

  • Complete an online survey where we can sort out things like salary requirements, how you would handle certain situations, etc.
  • Complete a brief phone interview with the search team lead.
  • Complete a brief phone interview with, Paul, our leader and co-founder of VIN (approximately 15-30 minutes long).
  • Complete an exercise on Solr (it is hard to say how long this will take).
  • Complete a phone/video interview with the dev and search team (up to 60 minutes long).
  • Complete a pair configuration exercise (up to 60 minutes long).

Current Benefits

  • A competitive salary.
  • Access to Pluralsight to further your technical prowess.
  • Solr/Lucene Revolution conference – VIN pays travel expenses and conference fees
  • VIN pays 100% of employee-only company sponsored health insurance premiums, including medical, dental, and vision.
  • Currently, through a third-party administrator, VIN reimburses 100% of VIN sponsored employee-only medical deductible-only expenses – and up to 75% of VIN sponsored dependent medical deductible-only expenses.
  • 401k eligibility begins on the 91st day of full-time employment: there is a dollar for dollar match, of VIN earnings, up to 6% per pay period (e.g., if the employee contributes 1%, the match is 1%).
  • PTO accrues from date of hire, but is not eligible to be used until the 91st day of full-time employment. Sick time accrues at 2.33 hours per pay period, and vacation time accrues at 3.33 hours per pay period, and increases based on tenure.
  • 9 paid holidays (you are not eligible for holiday pay within the first two weeks of employment) and 1 paid personal day per year (the personal day does not affect your accrued time, and is gifted at your one-year anniversary). This is in addition to your PTO accrual!

What You Need To Do

  • Please respond with a copy of your resume and a cover letter. Be creative and tell us why you would be the perfect candidate for this position.
  • If you are a consulting agency, please do not submit your candidates to us, they will be ignored.
  • Thank you for your interest in Veterinary Information Network!

The Veterinary Information Network, Inc., founded in 1991, is the veterinary profession's premier online resource, providing veterinarians, veterinary students, and the veterinary industry with the information and tools they need to address the demands of modern veterinary practice. VIN - for veterinarians, by veterinarians - unites more than 58,000 veterinarians, veterinary students and veterinary industry partners in a truly interactive worldwide online community. Among its many offerings, VIN provides its members unlimited access to a large medical database, active and expert-moderated case and professional issue discussions, practice management information, and online continuing education courses.

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