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Etsy | Senior Software Engineer, Big Data | Brooklyn, REMOTE Etsy is a data-driven company and the Data Platform team makes that possible. We are responsible for building and maintaining the systems that power things like A/B testing, Web analytics, recommendations, and a variety of data-driven products. We are constantly working to scale up our systems to keep up with Etsy’s growth, and are always on the lookout for ways to add new capabilities to support an ever-widening set of data applications. We're looking for an engineer with a background in distributed systems like Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, or ElasticSearch. For more info, visit Etsy | Senior Software Engineer, Data Analytics | Brooklyn, REMOTE The Data Engineering team is responsible for instrumenting Etsy’s website and mobile applications, writing offline streaming and batch jobs to process the incoming data stream, warehousing the results, and building end-user applications that make all of that data easy to digest. This diverse array of responsibilities ensures that we always have another tool to build or another mystery to solve. We're looking for a full stack web-developer, capable of doing both front-end and server-side development, with a background in data analysis or data visualization. Bonus points for familiarity with SQL, R, Hadoop, and Spark. Find out more:
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