Senior Rails Full Stack Engineer (Full-Time)

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Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Kenhub is a B2C, bootstrapped, remote-first company. Our headquarters are in Berlin, Germany. We have people from all over the world, but the core team is still very small (less than 10 people full-time). We also have around 60 part-time freelancers, mostly in content creation. We're building a platform that helps students ace their anatomy exams. We provide video tutorials, interactive quizzes with spaced repetition, interactive atlas and a library of articles that students learn from.

Our stack is based on Rails 4 (soon 5), code reviewed through GitHub PRs. Automated tests run on Semaphore + GhostInspector on our staging environment. Local development is using Docker, but we're still in process of rolling out Docker in production. Zero downtime deployments are done by a single command to a Slack bot. We're constantly looking to improve, and there are a few interesting opportunities on both the front and backend to introduce better tools, technologies and methods.

You'll be working with 2 other developers, who are co-founders. We do pair-programming on some tasks, but others you'd be working on your own. We communicate over Trello, Slack and Zoom primarily.

Areas you will work on

  • Ideas: you're not a robot, and your job isn't just about implementing someone else's ideas without thinking. We want you to care about the product, the user-experience, code quality. If something can be better, we want to hear about it. You're creating something you should be proud of.
  • HAML / SASS: create new pages or layouts from scratch, or adapt existing layouts and elements to a new design.
  • Javascript / Coffeescript: build interaction using React when it makes sense, or just a bit of jQuery glue when it doesn't. Integrate with the backend using Ajax or via simple forms. You should know which is the best tool for the job. We also use Knockout.js for our interactive quizzes.
  • Backend: work with the usual MVC, as well as background tasks, cron jobs, 3rd party integrations, webhooks etc. You should be able to apply good software design and architecture and try to keep things simple and DRY.
  • Devops: some experience, or at least being open to it, would be great. You should understand how things run from an infrastructure architecture perspective, how to work with cloud providers etc. Ideally you can even improve those.

Essential Skills/Requirements

  • You have amazing writing skills. Not just for code and software, but you are able to express ideas and discuss things clearly in written form
  • HTML / CSS / Javascript / Ruby on Rails
  • You can work independently and also with other developers (pair programming, PR code reviews)
  • You can analyze things, weigh costs & benefits, understand trade-offs, and arrive at a sensible compromise
  • You know how to give and receive constructive criticism, learn from it and improve
  • Keen interest in technology, but also an understanding that technology is a tool to achieve goals, and not always a goal in and of itself.

Nice to have

  • Systems / Infrastructure / Devops experience or at least an open mind to get into it

Tech stack

Ruby on Rails, PG, Redis, Sidekiq, Docker, Coffeescript with React / Knockout / jQuery, SASS, HAML


Slack, Github, Trello, Zoom, tmux, Scalyr, Amplitude, Datadog,, Stripe, Semaphore, GhostInspector etc.

What we offer

  • Work in your pijamas! Remote only.
  • Work together with the founders of a bootstrapped company which doesn't have to deal with investors, runway, or any BS
  • 45 days of paid holidays (Yes, that's not a mistake. Forty Five! And you must take it)
  • Stock Options
  • Anything else you'd like to have? we're open to discussion on any benefits that would motivate you

To apply: Sign up and check out Kenhub:
Write a cover letter (cv optional) and tell us what makes you awesome for this role. Please include links to your github / twitter / HN profile / website / blog / anything you're proud of, plus salary expectations to
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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