Senior Platform Engineer (DevOps): Post-Startup Hedge Fund

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This is an outstanding opportunity for the right person in terms of the intrinsic challenges of the role, the responsibility, the exposure to senior management, the opportunity to shape the development of something new, and over time the compensation

Whilst we are a commercial enterprise, we highly value deep technical expertise and the cultivation of craft. You will be working closely with the Partner in charge of technology, who is a contributor to the open source community (*)and a change agent for the devops way within the company.

*(GitHub | Blog interview of team member for work we sponsor) | Mir-algorithm)

We currently outsource our technology infrastructure to a managed service provider and, as our business has developed, we have decided to take control of our infrastructure ourselves, adopting a barbell strategy of co-location and rented bare-metal.

As a senior platform engineer, you will be responsible for creating processes in the new environment for:

  • monitoring internal services and applications
  • maintaining, deploying and configuring applications and services

and you will be:

  • supporting business continuity including building backup infrastructure for our main systems
  • Identifying the weak points in our technology processes and collaboratively addressing these
  • proposing strategies to create better collaboration between different functions and to create cross-functional teams

You will be working closely with your counterpart in Hong Kong: this is likely to be a career professional sysadmin/devops practitioner who is also a hardware hacker and has spoken at Linux Conf Australia about his work.

About Us

Symmetry Investments is a global investment company with offices in Hong Kong and London. We have been in business since 2014 after successfully spinning off from a major New York-based hedge fund. Currently we have about 85 full time employees and manage approximately US$3.6 billion of capital.

We seek to engage in intelligent risk-taking to create value for our clients, partners and employees.

We derive our edge from our capacity to generate Win-Wins ­ in the broadest sense. Win-Win is our fundamental ethical and strategic principle. By generating Win-Wins, we can create unique solutions that reconcile perspectives that are usually seen as incompatible or opposites, and encompass the best that each side has to offer.

We integrate fixed-income arbitrage with global macro strategies in a novel way. We invent and develop technology that focuses on the potential of human-machine integration. We build systems where machines do what they do best, supporting people to do what people do best.

We are creating a collaborative meritocracy: a culture where individual contribution serves both personal and collective goals - and is rewarded accordingly. We value both ownership thinking AND cooperative team spirit, self-realization AND community.

Careers at Symmetry

At Symmetry we believe that man-machine integration is not only the question at the heart of future competitiveness in the markets but also of crucial importance for society as a whole. We are interested in candidates who are inspired and excited by the challenge of participating in developing a new approach at the leading edge.

We are looking for solution-oriented people who raise problems when they see them, and take the initiative in working with the right people across the firm to solve them. We like people who are capable of letting a problem simmer when needed - and are able to tolerate uncertainty until all pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

We support individualists who have an inner need to excel at what they do and are capable of, and value, collaborative work. We appreciate rare talent that, because of its uniqueness, might be undervalued in a more conventional corporate setting.

For the right fit, we commit to our employees by creating Win-Wins with their own long term aspirations.


We are looking for mature hackers with a moral compass and sense of responsibility who have kept their imaginativeness. We value interest and capabilities as much as formal experience. Academic credentials are not a requirement if you can demonstrate outstanding capabilities that fit the role.

Our infrastructure is a mix of Windows and Linux and ideally you are comfortable with a devops approach to both: happy to manage the Windows infrastructure in the UNIX spirit yet making pragmatic decisions about purchasing vs building tools yourself.

You will be working in a creative, often less-structured environment, with a high degree of autonomy to implement solutions. You are comfortable asking for help when you need it. You are capable of accepting direction should a particular solution fit with the longer-term strategic goals of the firm.

You are able to communicate both at the level of ideas and concretely either in writing or in person/by telephone. The ability to be diplomatic is valuable, but not absolutely required.

You have a pragmatic devotion to excellence: the ability to recognize and evaluate interim solutions, while not being satisfied about retaining a hack in the long run.

You are able to think about problems in a generic, high-level way AND pragmatically use common sense. You can think associatively and hold a complex mental picture in your head as well as sequentially.

An intuitive understanding of hardware, networks and/or low-level programming is a positive.

An interest in infosec is a must. You have the ability to think about it from an adversary's perspective rather than simply lagging 'best practices'.

You have the ability to design and use scripts and tools to monitor developments and risks and to probe our systems for vulnerabilities. You also show an awareness of developments in the security research community, and the ability to apply insights to our business.

An ability to think clearly and to act decisively in occasional high-pressure moments is desirable.


The right person will be able to learn what they need to perform the role, and of course we will provide whatever resources are required to support the development of an employee.

Knowledge of the below will be helpful.

  • Platform: Linux (Arch/Debian); Windows 10/Server 2016; Illumos/SmartOS (under consideration)

  • Network: Infiniband, 10BaseT

  • Storage: ZFS on Linux/FreeBSD/Solarish; (under consideration)

  • Containers/VM: LXC/LXD; KVM/Libvirt; Solaris LX Branded Zones/vSphere/Windows containers (under consideration)

  • Monitoring/Instrumenting: Graylog, Telegraf/Grafana using Etsy's statsd; custom scripting

  • Databases etc: InfluxDB; Postgres; MS SQL; Mongo; ElasticSearch

  • Email: Exchange (legacy); Dovecot/Postfix + stack (under consideration)

  • Applications: GitLab, Win office desktops; proprietary/commercial financial

  • Scripting: Python, D, zsh, Go, Lua, C#, Powershell

  • Configuration Management: Packer; Chocolatey; Salt Stack; Chef; Vagrant; Terraform/Vault/Consul/Nomad (under consideration)

  • Cloud: DigitalOcean, rented bare-metal (eg SoftLayer)

Nitty-gritty technical knowledge of the working of Windows desktop/server and Linux sysadmin skills helpful. If you can read and write C and aren't afraid of hardware, that's a bonus, but you should certainly be highly proficient in at least one programming language, and you should be comfortable with a kaizen approach to testing and deployment.


If this sounds a little like you, please get in touch - we would be delighted to hear from you. Send a letter explaining why you are interested in the role, and what makes you suitable for it along with a CV or bio to:

Make sure to mention and provide links to any open-source projects or activities you have been involved with.

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