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At FreightHub we are building the backbone of global trade and as part of the engineering team you are working on the core of that mission every day. Based on a cutting edge stack, consisting of MongoDB, NodeJs, TypeScript, React and Docker, our goal is to digitise this industry - one step more with every release.

We define ourselves as a customer-centric team that enjoys working in a fast-paced environment. Daily releases, a high degree of test automation and constant application monitoring is our standard. We strive to optimize our workflows, architecture and infrastructure every month because we know that there is always room to improve.

As backend engineer your tasks include:

  • implementing and improving our multi modal routing algorithms that analyze millions of data points every day
  • working with a multitude of different API’s from our suppliers and ocean carriers to build solutions like automated freight booking or track and trace for ships, trucks and terminals;
  • building the backend for a state of the art shipment and supply chain management solution
  • Engineering Star ✈️: You have 5+ years experience and show that you can master the latest technologies and that you are versatile with modern languages, tools, and workflows
  • Product Lover ?: You goal is to build great products for customers, instead of moving tickets to Done
  • Fast Learner ?: You learn quickly and strive to improve every day; you can adapt to a fast-growing organisation with constantly changing requirements
  • Passion Driver ?: You want to work on real world problems that create an impact in our world; you work hard to build a great product and take ownership for delivering high-quality code

At FreightHub, we’re building the backbone of global trade. We are revolutionizing logistics by making it easier, faster, and more cost efficient to move goods from any point A to point B in the world – on container ships, airplanes, trucks and trains. By radically automating processes and designing for a superior user experience we make buying and selling goods anywhere on the globe as efficient as never before.
If you want to create impact with your work, solve real-world problems, and digitize a multi-trillion-€ industry that fosters global prosperity, we’d love you to join FreightHub!

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