Senior Angular 2/4 Developer

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Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA

CodementorX ( is an exclusive network where world-class developers can be hired for contractor positions or large freelance projects. We have over 7000+ vetted expert developers, including book authors, top Stack Overflow answerers, popular open source contributors, and engineers at top tech companies.

Quality Clients: We carefully screen our clients from all of the world, so you can rest assured that you’re working with the best 

Diverse Projects: You can find virtually any type of opportunity, from front-end development to machine learning

We’re currently looking for a Senior Angular 2/4 Developer to work on a specific project.

- At least 20 hours per week of availability 
- Availability to work in US timezones 

This is a remote opportunity. We’re looking for both full-time & part-time contractors.

To apply: To apply, please go to:

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