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The science behind public opinion polling hasn’t changed in 50 years, despite the fact that how people form and share their opinions has changed substantially.   There is no longer a need to ask people how they feel – our Artificial Intelligence can glean it from online content.  We work with cutting edge machine learning and text analytics while disrupting how governments and businesses measure their citizens and customers.

We are seeking a motivated and capable Ruby developer who is eager to join a company that is making a difference in the industry. Although you will be joining a small team, you will have the opportunity to make a big impact. We would like to start with this as a full-time contract position, but with the goal of moving to permanent employment.

This is a 100% remote position. Please apply through this job posting rather than calling or emailing us directly.


  • Designing, building and supporting new applications and features, mostly in Ruby
  • Infrastructure and services support
  • Optimizing for speed and scalability
  • Integrating with data storage solutions
  • Writing for and contributing to our documentation

Skills and Requirements:

  • 3+ years of web development experience—preferably with large applications operating at scale
  • Deep knowledge of object-oriented programming, automated software testing, databases, development, and testing methodologies (ideally using Ruby)
  • Great communication skills in written and verbal English
  • Solid understanding of web technologies and how they work together (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, server-side)
  • Experience with web scraping libraries (Mechanize, Nokogiri, Selenium, Sinew, etc.)
  • Comfortable in a Linux/UNIX environment
  • Experience with SOA
  • Comfortable working with source control (Git)
  • Strong time-management abilities
  • Knowledge of the software development life-cycle
  • Interest in working across the software stack and learning new things

Bonus points for:

  • Computer Science (or related) degree
  • Experience with relational, and non-relational databases, such as Postgres, ElasticSearch and Redis
  • Experience with messaging queues such as RabbitMQ
  • Previous remote working experience
  • Experience building, deploying and maintaining applications on Heroku
  • Experience with TDD
  • Contributing to open source projects

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re self-driven with great time-management skills
  • You’re resourceful: you figure out what needs to be done, and you find ways to make it happen
  • You have a passion for problem solving. Nothing gets you more excited than a tricky problem or a new challenge
  • You enjoy sharing knowledge with and learning from others

We would love to hear more about your experience working with these technologies, and what you think you could bring to our company! We are growing fast right now and hoping to bring on a great candidate.

ASI is set to disrupt the polling industry with its AI focused on public opinion research. The traditional methods for public opinion research entail contacting samples of respondents and asking them questions about a certain topic to understand how the population as a whole feels about these issues. The science behind public opinion polling hasn’t changed in 50 years, despite the fact that how people form and share their opinions has changed substantially.   Whereas in the past, people would get their information from 1 or 2 media channels, today with the proliferation of news sites, blogs and other media, sources of information are much more varied. Moreover, people communicate their opinions most openly online, with people in their network. There is no longer a need to ask people how they feel – we are able to glean it from online content. There are 3 main advantages to the ASI technology for POR compared with traditional polling:

  • ASI can create much larger “representative samples” online than can be queried through traditional phone or web polling.   Representative samples are samples that mirror the census – ensuring that people in the sample reflect citizens of different age, religion, education, economic and other demographic groups. ASI’s samples are mathematically proven to map to the stationary distribution. Phone sampling accomplishes this by asking demographic questions when they contact people (ie. “what is your household income?”) ASI does this through its algorithms. Whereas pollsters can only create samples of about 1500 people per topic, ASI’s sample sizes typically start at 40,000 people, making them much more accurate.
  • ASI technology is able to glean support for a topic without ever asking a question of the people it is sampling. Asking questions produces biased answers. ASI is able to glean support or non-support by reading what people say and share online, thereby assessing their true feelings. ASI’s technology was recently proven accurate in a number of election results including the U.S. election in 2016, the BREXIT vote in 2016 and the Canadian federal election in 2015.
  • ASI can produce its results much more quickly than competitors in the phone polling industry. Once a sample has been established, ASI can create studies on given topics in 24 to 48 hours.
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