Quality Assurance Analyst (QA)

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Quality Assurance Developers will collaborate with a team of Developers, Designers and Project Managers making sure a project meets the company’s standard of quality in much the same way meat inspectors ensure hamburgers don't make people sick, but in a more modern way than, say, the way a medieval king made his food taster actually eat potentially poisonous morsels. They are passionate about delivering quality solutions that fill the needs of clients. They are interested in finding better ways to solve problems. They like delicious food that is not dangerous.


  • High-level understanding of project lifecycle
  • High-level understanding of tech stack
  • High-level understanding levels higher than lower levels
  • Learn new quality-focused technologies with minimal assistance
  • Effectively communicate with Project Managers, Developers, and Designers with minimal assistance
  • Self-directed and self-motivated, but not selfish-ish
  • Work alone or with a team
  • High-level understanding of Black Box and White Box Testing Techniques (here we go with the high-level stuff again)
  • Familiarity with web based test automation using tools such as Selenium, etc., also, too, yes, hi how are you?
  • Familiarity with ticket tracking systems such as JIRA
  • Sense of humor? I think so


  • Work from defined requirements
  • Work from the jungle canopy (optional)
  • Ensure that software is functional and meets company quality standards
  • Capable of taking direction from Senior Developers while providing innovative solutions
  • Propose technical solutions for a problem
  • Dissolve technical documents in soapy solutions
  • Review and give feedback to other Developers
  • Receive and offer criticism constructively and effectively
  • Teach and mentor other QA Developers
  • Make informed technical decisions in coordination with Senior Developers
  • Sure hope you like Senior Developers
  • Scope QA efforts• Promote and facilitate company best practices
  • Promote the general welfare• Research and improve technology, skills and processes in coordination with Senior Developers (they're everywhere)
  • Makes decisions in the best interest of meltmedia, our clients and team members
  • Makes their bed, but it's OK if you don't (I don't)
  • Makes tea (I don't) (what?) (stop it) (OK)• Critique and review testing plans
  • Create and execute automated test suites
  • Consider the impact of 16th century French impressionist film-making on modern Brazilian auto manufacturing

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