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Add new features to our integration related product offerings.

Work across the tech stack, from databases and middle-tier business logic, to user interfaces for web, desktop and mobile, as well as deployment tools.

Your Team

Product teams typically consist of a product owner, graphic and usability designers, and two to five programmers, with whom you will collaborate on a daily basis.

A Typical Work Day

Report progress and highlight challenges to your team in the daily stand-up.

Work on user stories in small chunks, reviewing code check-ins with team members.

Join the bi-weekly iteration meeting, which clarifies objectives and priorities.

Join a design meeting from time to time, to plot the way ahead.

Seamlessly collaborate with your team members, who may be situated anywhere in the world, via shared desktop, voip and chat.

Skills & Requirements

Are you a team-player, a good communicator, and good at object-oriented programming? The following abilities will put you in the picture:

  • Proficiency in C#, Java or C++.
  • In-depth working knowledge of object-oriented principles.
  • You are good at simplifying complex technical notions for a non-technical audience.
  • 1 to 3 years of work experience.
  • A computer science, computer / electronic engineering, or other relevant degree from an internationally recognized university.
  • Prepared to work 6 am to 3 pm UTC.
  • Access to a Windows 10 development environment and a 10+ Mbps uncapped internet service, in order to work remotely.

Your Values

You believe that good communication is just as important as code.

You naturally consider consequences as well as advantages when evaluating alternative choices.

You value inquiry and measurement over speculation.

What you’ll learn at Digiata

  • Automated regression testing.
  • How to keep your code clean with iterative refactoring and code reviews.
  • The value of agile software development techniques.
  • How to harness feedback to drive improvements.
  • How to leverage all of these, to keep the technical debt levels low.

Digiata was established in South Africa in 2001 and partnered with Twenty57 in Mauritius in 2008 to create the Digiata / Twenty57 group. The partnership allows a global audience access solutions and products provided by the group.

The main software products allow users to rapidly develop and deploy cost effective low-code business applications. Each product has a visual designer where users create their solutions. Linx lets users create back-end processes that are deployed to a server with a web front-end. Stadium generates an ASP.NET web application.

For more details on the products please visit Linx and Stadium.

Our mission is to save our clients time and money and give them control over their business applications.

How to Apply

Please provide a brief resume, which includes a transcript of course marks for your university degree. Please also complete step 1 of the assessment procedure below.

Assessment Procedure

Our assessment procedure consists of three steps:

  • Online object-oriented programming (OOP) multiple-choice test (1 hour),
    • If you apply for this opportunity, please also complete this step.
    • Click here to take this test now (use pass key twenty57 to access the test).
  • Online OOP pseudocode test (1 hour),
  • Pair programming interview (1 hour).
  • The online OOP tests cover object-oriented principles such as inheritance, aggregation, polymorphism and encapsulation, as well as related concepts such as interfaces, enumerations, instance state and static methods. The OOP pseudocode test may be completed in a C-family language of your choice, e.g. C# or Java.

    The advertised position is a Permanent role however it is subject to a 3 month probation / evaluation period that will run as a 3 month contract. On completion of the 3 months both parties will agree to continue with the permanent role or terminate the relationship.

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