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Headquarters: Seattle, WA

We are hiring an experienced product designer to join our nomadic team of software craftspeople. We're building from the ground up the second version of our industry leading mobile/web application in a modern framework that will put few restrictions on what you can design. Live and work from anywhere, while learning new things, working on a product thousands of people love to use every day. Our company is successful, self-funded, profitable, twenty people strong, and growing. We've developed a fantastic culture that embraces adventure in business, engineering and lifestyle. Please join us!

Specific Responsibilities:
  • You've got a proven track record of designing top-tier software products from conception to production.
  • You know how to prioritize and iterate, with a passion for constantly delivering usable software that improves incrementally with each release.
  • You enjoy detailed discussions with both technical and non-technical stakeholders; you have a burning desire to understand what features people need even when they don't.
  • You write concise, easy to understand user stories describing product features; you enjoy wielding the English language as a precision human communication tool.
  • You create functional (and as a bonus, beautiful) visual artifacts to showcase features and user interactions that communicate the specific details necessary to fully understand product features and how they fit together.
  • You can handle the big picture just as well as tiny details; you know that both are critical to delivering a successful product. 
  • You thrive in a fast paced environment where the best course of action isn't always clear; you're able to adapt quickly and manage changing requirements calmly and efficiently.
  • You might even have written some code once and can jump in to help prototype small projects using CSS, HTML and JavaScript.
  • You are skilled at managing product release candidacy, with a sixth sense about what new features can safely be included.
  • You enjoy working with developers to establish realistic estimations for product stories, striving always to improve predictability with each release.
  • In addition to clear and frequent written communication, you'll video conference daily with team members to design and refine new features for the product, marketing websites, email campaigns and more.
  • You have strong opinions loosely held; you enjoy vigorously defending what you know to be right as much as you enjoy being wrong when the best answers wins.
  • You thrive in a remove working environment where you define completely your own setup and interact with exclusively via computer; you go wherever you want.

About Us:
  • We are a leading provider of mobile event apps and online community platforms for conferences, tradeshows, events, and associations. From 10,000 doctors at a convention center to 200 community organizers meeting for a weekend, our software improves the entire experience of attending in-person conferences and events. 
  • Though we develop products delivered over the Internet, as a nearly 10 year-old profitable company, we're not quite a startup anymore. We're fortunate to have room to innovate and experiment as we develop new products and services.
  • Managed and majority owned by the original founders, we've got the freedom to chart our own course -- our only influence is what's best for our customers. 
  • From the beginning our culture has supported and embraced remote workers. We don't have an office and our corporate family lives or is traveling in over 10 countries. Our members enjoy more time with their children, living in remote and unusual places, or exploring the world; all while growing professionally and building things about which they are proud.
  • We're building a new product, from the ground up, using the latest tools, integrated everything we've learned from nearly 10 years of product development to the same market. 


  • Accrued paid vacation
  • Paid holidays
  • Full medical+dental benefits for US workers
  • Medical insurance stipend for non-US workers
  • Yearly self improvement stipend
  • Monthly stipend for co-working space

To apply: Please visit and be sure to enter the URL of your personal site or resume in the field marked XKCDTHX1138.

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