Operations Manager

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Headquarters: United States
URL: https://the-engine-room.breezy.hr/p/0286eca155d801-operations-manager?source=weworkremotely

The Engine Room seeks an Operations Manager to support with the daily operations of the organisation, collaborate with management and all members of team around operations and finance policies and processes, and to work with leadership to maintain the healthy functioning of the organisation.

Specifically, the Operations Manager will:

  • Oversee daily operations of the organisation
  • Provide financial information to the senior management team to inform decision-making and monitor performance and growth
  • Support and build team’s capacity in operations and finance processes
  • Implement, improve, and maintain policies and processes that reflect agreed upon strategies and vision around operations and finance
  • Design and provide organisational and project-based financial reports to the senior management team, the Board of Directors, and project managers as needed on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis
  • Develop and test financial and operations systems that are straightforward, simple to use and support the team in their everyday work
  • Ensure team is informed, consulted, included and feels buy-in around new systems, processes and policies
  • Manage relationships with partners and vendors in a way that is effective, efficient, and professional
  • Oversee and coordinate logistics

The Operations Manager will report to the Executive Director, collaborate with other people working on operations both internally and externally, and support the senior management team and other members of the team as requested and necessary.


  • Enthusiasm for systems, process, and service leadership
  • Collaborative and always looking for a better way to do things
  • Experience working remotely
  • Loves documentation and clear communication
  • 1+ year experience using NetSuite
  • 1+ year of people management experience
  • 1+ year of vendor management experience
  • 3+ years of administrative experience
  • Excellent attention and time management skills
  • Ability to adapt and shift priorities as needed
  • Some nonprofit operations and finance experience


  • 2+ years’ experience working remotely
  • Experience managing audits
  • 3+ years nonprofit operations and finance experience
  • MBA, CPA, or other relevant training

To apply: https://the-engine-room.breezy.hr/p/0286eca155d801-operations-manager?weworkremotely

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