Operations Engineer

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Headquarters: New York, NY
URL: https://www.getharvest.com/careers

About Harvest

Harvest is an independent software company that makes tools to help businesses run more smoothly. For the past 11 years, our customers have relied on our products as a critical part of their day-to-day operations. They’re the reason we’re still in business, and their needs drive our product decisions.

Harvest started as a team of 3 and grew slowly to today’s current total of 51 lovely faces. Though we have an office in NYC, we hire the best people for the job no matter where they call home. We’ve worked as a remote team since the beginning, and we work hard to make sure everyone feels included and heard.

Ops at Harvest

The Harvest Ops Team (currently three people) keeps our applications running smoothly. This is not an assembly line role, you will have wide ranging responsibilities, a variety of people to collaborate with, and leeway to have fun in the process. On our team we prefer to self-select which projects we work on, choosing what interests you the most.

The Ops Team has a weekly on-call rotation, and we are mindful of the overhead of being on-call. The week following your on-call shift you are free to take a day off of work to make up for the overhead of being on-call. That is a theme on our team: Protecting your free time.

We are particularly interested in candidates in the Pacific, Alaska, and Hawaii–Aleutian Time Zones for this role, but we welcome applicants from anywhere in the world. Did we mention a sense of humor yet? It's important, we like to have fun while we work.

Experience operating production infrastructure using Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services would be an advantage.
The Ops Team does the following things (and more):

  • Deploys and manages a growing set of dedicated servers, and cloud instances
  • Designs backup and redundancy strategies to keep our customers' data safe
  • Understands changing product requirements, and deploys new tools to meet those requirements
  • Develops monitoring systems so we know when things stop working
  • Responds if those monitoring systems ever generate alerts
  • Helps the various teams at Harvest be productive by building internal tools and collaborating on design decisions
  • Interfaces with customers to troubleshoot issues

Who You Are

If you know the following stuff, you've likely been doing the type of things we are looking for help with:

  • Designing resilient cloud computing infrastructure using Terraform, AWS, GCP, Jenkins
  • Performance tuning web applications as they grow
  • Using Ansible to manage servers, and services
  • Deploying Ruby applications
  • MySQL, specifically performance tuning and advanced replication strategies
  • Nginx
  • Graphite, StatsD, Sensu
  • Git
  • Redis
  • Advanced networking, IPv6, firewalls, intrusion detection


To apply: Please visit our post here to apply: https://harvest.workable.com/jobs/500701

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