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About You
In the Native Ad Ops & Support role you are the peanut butter AND the jelly. You serve as a liaison between a lovely group of Publishers, our internal Sales team, and Advertisers. You take a deal that has been closed by Sales and work with a publisher and advertiser through the sponsored content execution process to deliver the finished product. You are THE most organized person on the planet. You can turn chaos into clarity. Your spreadsheets love you. Customers will love you.

If overwhelming levels of organization and likability have left you pondering how you could better spend your time, come work with us. We will take your fine qualities and turn you into power player in our world. Our business lies at the intersection of relationship building and technology. We help quality advertisers and quality publishers make advertising work on the web, and we have lots of fun in the process.

About Us
BuySellAds transformed the way advertising was transacted online with the introduction of its Marketplace in 2008. BuySellAds’ advertising technology platform provides advertisers with direct access to the industry’s top performing display, native, dedicated email, and sponsored content inventory. Our platform empowers both advertisers and publishers by bridging the ad tech divide. Today, we work with more than 12,000 advertisers and help them connect with the internet’s most passionate audiences. We are a remote company that primarily works around an EST schedule.

Your Responsibilities

  • Work to make sure sponsored content campaigns are executed on schedule.
  • Assist the Sales Team with scheduling content sponsorships.
  • Build rapport with some of our top clients while helping us ensure their success.
  • Proofread and copyedit when necessary.
  • Have a “whatever it takes” mentality when it comes to customer and company success.
  • Collaborate with your team to not only maintain operations, but improve and streamline processes when possible.
  • Carefully manage a network of VIPs (Very Important Publishers).

We don’t have strict requirements for formal education or years of experience in a specific career, but needless to say, we’re looking for someone with proven success who is ready for the next stepping stone of their career. To that end, these bullet points should seem comfortable:

  • Comfortable working remotely.
  • Excellent communication skills. Remote work is much different than in-person, in-office, and requires great communicators.
  • Articulate, charismatic, and all of the associated personality traits of a likeable human being.
  • Some history with owning/operating or working for a web-based publication. It is important to have a general understanding of how publishers make money on the web today.
  • Ability to get things done as a “self-starter,” i.e., without micromanagement.
  • Eligibility to work in the United States.

This is a full-time position. If you’re interested and think you fit the description, we welcome your application. Tell us about yourself, what you do, and why you want to work with us.

A few perks

  • 401k
  • Health/Dental/Vision Insurance
  • Computer
  • Remote Work
  • No-bullshit office environment

Job Perks: 401k Health/Dental/Vision Insurance C​omputer Remote Work No-bullshit office environment


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