Mid-Level/Senior Java/Scala Full-Stack Developer

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At Panamplify we're building a future where software helps with low-creativity gruntwork and frees people to spend more time on the interesting parts of their jobs. We're starting out by helping our customers automate the boring parts of producing client reports. We're looking for a senior software developer with a strong sense of ownership to join our team.

You will work closely with designers, other developers, and our customer support and sales teams to build new product features from the ground up.

We're using Ruby/Rails for our front end, with back-end services running in the Play framework (both Scala and Java), with AWS RDS Postgres for the database layer.

You might be a fit for this position if:

  • You've shipped production software to real customers as a mid-level/senior software developer.
  • You are experienced with Java (the language and the ecosytem) and have experimented with alternative JVM languages (Scala preferred, but the main point is the desire/ability to learn new things)
  • You're familar with and facinated by (but not necessarily an expert in) procedural content generation.
  • You're an excellent written and verbal communicator (our team is distributed and communication is vital)
  • You prefer to know how the libaries you're using actually work rather than just taking them as given (We'll ask for examples)
  • You are not a "single approach" purist in language choice, frameworks, libraries or development paradigms, and have experience with multiple approaches (production use of functional languages is a bonus)
  • You have a favorite layer of the stack, but are comfortable/competent all the way from optimizing SQL queries to helping solve problems calling REST services from Javascript.
  • You have the judgement (from experience) to evaluate and choose 3rd party libraries (or recommend roll-your-own).
  • You've written ETL code, and are familiar with the challenges that happen "in real life" when trying to pull data from a 3rd party service with a quirky API.


  • You're taken a traditional AI course and are familiar with the fundamentals.
  • You've worked with (or written) constraint-satisfaction or planning algorithms.
  • You've worked with (or written) procedural content generation systems.
  • You know who Douglas Engelbart is and why he's important (or just look it up now)

Writing code to produce content (or help edit it) is a tricky problem, Our system needs to be flexible enough to express the data-stories the users want to tell, but without requiring users to be low-level data manipulation experts. We're solving the problem by baking knowledge into the system, from the the type and meaning of individual metrics ("reach isn't additive") all the way up to rules about what makes a section of a report well-structured. We use a variety of techniques to encode this knowledge, and since there's no expectation that anyone could have experience with everything, we need developers who love to learn new things and immediately put them into practice. That sounds fun, but it is also quite challenging, and we'd like to hear how you've done similar things in the past.

If any of this sounds interesting, we highly recommend taking a look at http://panamplify.com/careers.html , Check out what we do and see if you might be interested. If you are, let us know why. If you're not sure, then drop us a note or arrange to stop by the office and we can talk. But please don't just spam us with a resume and generic cover letter, applications like that get routed to /dev/null.

You must live in and be authorized to work in the United States, and you'll need to make occasional trips to Dallas for all-hands meetings. We're also a group of respectful adults who don't think racism, sexism or homophobia or xenophobia make for a good work environment, see the careers link above for more details on that.

Panamplify is building next-generation intelligent systems that use AI technology (rules, ontologies, plans) to augment humans rather than replace them. Our reporting systems "know" enough about the domain being reported on to operate at a very high level of abstraction, reducing brittleness and producing results that people can understand and modify.


Panamplify is a (funded) startup, so there are absolutely guaranteed to be times when everyone is working long hours. That said, we're treating it like a marathon, not a 5k, and a group of healthy people does better work than a bunch of wrecks. We view "healthy" as including a life outside of work and can promise a very flexible schedule. We also think "healthy" includes not being uncomfortable doing your job. We view a diversity of backgrounds as a competitive advantage, and to that end insist on a respectful, professional and safe work environment.

Find Out More

Our careers page (http://panamplify.com/careers) has more information about what we're doing and what we're looking for. If you're interested in applying please check out the "Next Steps" section on that page (you can talk to us directly or use the built-in Stack Overflow system, up to you). Let us know you read the page and Googled us.

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