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Job Description
Machine learning is one of the most exciting areas in computer science today. Smart machines are already embedded and integral to much of what people do. At the same time, our ability to collect and work with large data sets which fuel ML algorithms has seen tremendous progress over the last decade.
At JPMorgan, we have a tremendous opportunity to be at the forefront of the ML revolution. We have the technical problems, we have the data sets, and we have the financial incentives to see deep and effective implementations.
As a core systems developer, focused on machine learning for the Corporate and Investment Bank, you will be engaged to solve complex business problems with high quality machine learning solutions.
A demonstrated enthusiasm for machine learning is a must.  An ability to lean on experts, both within and outside of your direct organization is going to be critical for success. You will be at the center of defining how we build and deploy systems around intelligent algorithms.
We need a proven dev-to-prod track record with strong potential for growth into a core technical leadership position.   We're looking for humble, enthusiastic, bright and personable people with strong communication skills and deep enthusiasm for machine learning.
Responsibilities include:

  • Working closely and seamlessly with machine learning experts.
  • Implementing clean APIs and frameworks to be generalized to a number of banking problems, in a number of different languages and platforms.
  • Partnering with embedded development teams.
  • Taking ownership for all offered services.
  • Minimum Qualifications:
  • Bachelors degree in Computer Science
  • Demonstrated experience building and deploying solutions
  • 6+ years experience as a core systems developer
  • Experience in statically typed, OO languages like Java or C#
  • Experience in dynamically typed “scripting” languages, like Python
  • Demonstrated track record of success deploying and maintaining systems

  • Desirable (but not essential):
  • Machine learning tools, like TensorFlow
  • Big data, and big data toolset experience
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