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We're a digital marketing agency and we regularly take on new accounts that are tracking only form fills, at best. We're seeking a full-time Google Analytics specialist for fundamental things such as goals, funnels, ecommerce tracking, and analysis, as well as more advanced things such as creation of javascript tags for tracking multiple actions. Your should have experience identifying bottlenecks, discovering profitable areas for the client to focus on, identifying wasteful Adwords campaigns and the like, improving signs ups, A/B testing landing page variations, etc.

Equal to your knowledge of the above is having a solid ability to write monthly reports explaining your findings to the clients.

You should have the following skills to apply for this job:

- An excellent understanding of and several years experience working with Google Analytics

- An excellent understanding of online marketing, including SEO and PPC

- A strong graphic design sense. You should be able to generate attractive reports including tables, charts, screenshots, etc.

- Strong analytical and critical thinking abilities. You should be able to create metrics that are relevant to the clients' business goals and target audience, analyze them and make recommendations

- Strong written and oral communication ability.

- 4 year college degree

- Prior experience in a telecommuting environment preferred

This position is remote and it is full-time during the standard business week. It is a serious professional position with a well-known, successful agency with quarterly reviews, competitive salary and vacation benefits, raise and promotion opportunities. If you take this job, you should not be doing any freelance work on the side. We have a highly positive, friendly environment that encourages and rewards new ideas, we respect the limits of the 40 hour work week, and as mentioned above, you can expect a satisfying career with us. We work very closely together using a variety of technologies.

To apply, please send a resume and a custom cover letter to explaining how your prior experience relates to the requirements of this position, as well as who you are as a person and why you'd be an asset to our virtual team. Pay is negotiable and competitive. Thank you!


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