Full Stack Web Developer (React, Node, AWS)

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We are looking for a Full Stack Web Developer to be responsible for designing and coding Web Apps. We build Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) with the most recent technologies including React (with redux, styled-components), Babel, and Webpack. Our backends run serverless on Amazon Web Services.

What do we do at Methodos?

At Methodos we work to support Enterprises to align their vision and strategy with their culture through creative and innovative approaches. We are a Change Management company centered on people's mindset and behaviors. One of our primary focus is what we call "Digital Attitude": in a world where technologies will soon think, act, and behave like humans, can we help humans think like machines? To do so, we believe that:

  • the best way to understand is to do
  • there's no failure, only feedback
  • there's no Day 2, only Day 1
  • example is the only form of influence
  • the person with the greatest flexibility has the greatest influence ​

What will you do in Methodos?

You'll be joining a new product team in our headquarter in the heart of Milan, Italy. In the first months your primary focus will be listening to customers' needs, gathering and refining product requirements, planning and designing a new product.

Below you'll find some of the skills we're looking for. These are not hard requirements as we have a few junior positions currently opened too. Feel free to apply even if you don't match some of them: on-the-job training and continuous learning is fundamental to all of us!


  • Being able to read and write technical English, as well as being able to stand a basic English conversation with customers, colleagues, and partners
  • Proven working experience in building web-based products and knowledge of PWA principles
  • Top-notch programming skills and in-depth knowledge of modern Javascript, HTML, and CSS
  • Familiarity with the following programming languages: Javascript / Node.js, Python
  • Experience using Amazon Web Services (AWS IAM, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, AWS - Lambda, Amazon API Gateway), Google Cloud or Azure
  • Experience in building cloud serverless infrastructures (using serverless.com or any other framework) and being familiar with the Infrastructure-as-Code principle
  • Full understanding of basic security concepts such as 2 Factor Authentication, JWT, OAuth2
  • Adequate knowledge of document-oriented databases such as Amazon DynamoDB, MongoDB
  • Being flexible and available to spend some days traveling to other countries

A perfect candidate would:

  • Have an Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Take on every huge challenge and keep raising the bar
  • Be up-to-date with emerging technologies and industry trends
  • Be able to face and solve complex tasks
  • Show good stress resilience and perseverance
  • Learn from failures
  • Be nice to other colleagues

We'll consider a plus if you have:

  • Open Source projects or contributions (code, documentation, design etc.)
  • Proven knowledge of UX best practices (including MOOC courses or prior working experience)
  • Knowledge of gamification processes and logic, or prior experience in designing or building games
  • Experience using Azure or Google Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services certifications
  • Knowledge or experience with Azure Cognitive Services (e.g.: LUIS) or similar AI products
  • Experience with Machine Learning solutions and/or Big Data analysis
  • Prior experience in product management and team-leading abilities

Speaking Italian is NOT required at all. We'll be happy to offer relocation assistance if you want to move to Milan.

What you get from us

An above-average compensation and a super-challenging environment. We'll do anything to improve the working experience and our office's environment. Here are a few things that came to our mind; we can discuss any specific need you may have:

  • up to 2,000€ per year for conference attendance, events, and online training
  • up to 2,000€ for building your perfect working environment: you choose your desk, your chair, external monitors & anything that can boost your productivity
  • state-of-the-art laptop or Macbook, for work and for your own personal use
  • generous vacation policy
  • flexible working hours, including up to 5 remote working days each month
  • allotted time to work on Company's or your own Open Source projects, with a BEIPA-like agreement
  • a very quiet working environment with perfect lighting and temperature
  • 24x7 office access, including a rooftop terrace for working or relaxing; we've got a barbecue too!
  • fully equipped kitchen, with free tea, coffee, water and a large fridge to keep your fresh & healthy food; we'll offer catered breakfast and lunch a few times each month
  • gender-neutral bathrooms and LGBTQ-friendly environment
  • stock options pool available to all employees

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