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Mystery Applicant is looking for a Full Stack Ruby/Rails Developer to join our technical team. We might be small but we are agile and leaders in candidate experience measurement. We provide analytics to some of the world’s largest and most well known employers. We are growing and have some exciting product enhancements to bring to market. That’s where you come in.


  • Deliver changes safely to production, aiming for no downtime or negative impact to customer services
  • Advocate for best practices in both the design and operation of the system
  • Write well-tested code that is designed with future maintenance in mind
  • Work to extend and improve the design and UX of our customer dashboards and surveys
  • Work with the team to continuously increase the rate at which we can safely improve the service

Things you might find yourself working on in a typical day

  • Working on new features as well as bespoke development to support customer needs
  • Refactoring and improving the existing codebase
  • Dedicating time to improving our operations and monitoring
  • Reviewing colleagues' pull requests, using it as an opportunity to share your expertise

About You

Here are some qualities of the people we think would do well in this position:

  • Self directing and proactive, you are comfortable with taking the initiative on finding and fixing issues
  • When reviewing others' code, you find that the issues with it tend to stand out to you clearly
  • You are comfortable working with non-technical team members to work out the details of a feature
  • If you're like our team, your influences are likely to be some or all of:
    • The Pragmatic Programmer, by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas
    • Refactoring, and other works by Martin Fowler
    • Working Effectively with Legacy Code, and other works by Michael Feathers
    • Test Driven Development, and other works by Kent Beck
    • The works of Sandi Metz, Katrina Owen, Avdi Grimm, Kathy Sierra



  • In-depth knowledge of Ruby and Rails
  • Extensive software development experience (minimum 5 years, likely 8+ years overall experience)
  • Advanced RSpec
  • Git (Comfortable with rebasing, squashing and otherwise reworking branches ready for review)
  • Proficient with Linux including system administration
  • An ability and willingness to seek out new knowledge as required for the work


  • Experience of building APIs
  • ETL experience, especially row-based methodologies such as Kiba
  • Experience with Solr
  • Advanced knowledge of operational automation on AWS, e.g. CloudFormation, CodePipeline, OpsWorks
  • Modern JavaScript stacks, e.g. ES2015, Webpack, React or other frontend frameworks


  • £45-60k p.a., depending on experience
  • Tech budget (you have your own preferences and you want the best tools for the job - so we let you decide the tech you want)
  • 5 weeks holiday + bank holidays + time in lieu
  • Central Bath office-based, remote within the UK considered but semi-regular visits to the office would be required
  • Continuous learning - supporting your professional development by covering the costs of books and learning resources

Things you probably want to know about us

  • We care about the quality of our code and aim to follow industry best practices.
  • Our favourite collaboration tools include GitHub and Slack, with documentation in Confluence.
  • We’re a small team, which means that decisions are made quickly and everyone gets to have their say.
  • We are ambitious and customer focused.

This is a great opportunity to join our team and make your mark. If you’re interested then get in touch using the application form, ideally with links to some of your code (including test code), and we’ll set up a time to chat.

Next steps

After an initial interview with the CTO and lead developer, we will ask you to complete a small development project and pay for your time while you complete it.

No agencies please

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