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Headquarters: New York
URL: http://www.byjakt.com/

Jakt is looking for a marketer to join our talented and  growing team. We’re a small (16 people) organization with the mission of helping 200 companies and changing the lives of 100 million people by 2027.

This is a demand generation role. You’ll work closely with sales and product teams and help lead the effort in telling  the Jakt story to the world, building our brand identity and ultimately attracting new partners (i.e. clients) who align with our mission.

What is Jakt?

Jakt brings innovation and technology to companies who are changing the world. We are a digital product studio that designs and creates solutions that enhance the human experience. We are agnostic as to what technology is used. Rather, we choose the technology that is best suited to accomplish the goal. We believe technology is an enabler and should be used as such. Furthermore, when creating something we come from a place of empathy. We think about the entire customer journey and their experience, from the first moment a customer hears about the product/service, to their first interaction, to their experience engaging with the product/service that encourages retention.

You can learn more here: http://byjakt.com

What we’re looking for

We have an incredibly high bar for talent - we are looking for nothing short of an incredibly talented, self motivated marketer who is passionate about using technology to solve problems and helping us continue to help more people with our solutions.

You will possess an uncanny ability to tell a brand’s story through content and determine the best channels to distribute this content so that it gets in front of the right audience.

What you will do

The ultimate goal is to generate more inbound leads. You’ll be responsible for creating the marketing strategy and overseeing the execution of it. This may mean you executing yourself, hiring and managing contractors, and/or hiring additional team members to work with you. You’ll have the freedom to be creative and test out different marketing channels as you see fit. How this is done will be determined by you but you’ll work closely with sales to ensure we’re attracting the right type of client.

How you will get paid


To apply: To apply for this role, please email anthony+marketing@byjakt.com and make the subject: Full-Stack Marketer. In the email, please respond to the following questions:
1. How would you describe Jakt to someone?
2. What is one marketing channel you think we should test to increase top of the funnel leads, why should we test it, and how would we test it (what’s the strategy)?
3. What is your favorite or best accomplishment you’ve had in marketing and why?
4. Why is this role exciting for you?
5. We have received a lot of applicants for this role, why should we choose you over everyone else?

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