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Come explore with us

Who we are

We're a small group of people--also, incidentally, a profitable company--dedicated to researching women's sexual pleasure, and developing compelling content based on what we've discovered during the process. You can see our work at OMGYES.com

We get a huge amount of positive feedback from the press all over the world, and foremost from our users, who tell us how much it has helped their relationships and sex lives. It's been a wonderful, fulfilling journey.

What we need you to do

We're always working to keep our busy website (13m req/day) highly available, with minimal latency. We need you to design and implement new features that can scale accordingly. You will be making architectural decisions regarding data storage (database, NoSQL, client-side), content delivery (especially video across a wide range of devices), and gaining user insights through analytics.

Our users are distributed globally; we need to ensure we can serve a media-rich site in many languages to people all over the world. We need to support purchasing in a range of currencies, using different payment methods, with a careful eye to security.

Our backend was designed before launch. While it performs quite well, our site has evolved quite a bit since those days. We also have a new season of content that is in production. We've started a new project to build a more appropriate system, starting with season two content, and we want you to work with our front-end team to develop it, using modern best practices.

Who we're looking for

You are completely at home in a server environment; both in the codebase and in the database. When someone proposes a new site feature, you've already assessed its impact on performance, designed a database schema, and half-architected the solution by the time they finish their pitch. As a full-stack developer, your emphasis is on the backend. You know the ins and outs of OWASP. You believe that design begins with data modeling, and your goal is instant gratification for all consumers of your APIs.

And, you are a scientist. You measure everything and make that data accessible, so you can make good decisions. You can frame improvements in terms of hypothesis and result, rather than conjecture.

Technologies you should know

(In approximate order of importance, descending, not comprehensive!)

  • MySQL / PostgreSQL
  • Java (Spring Boot)
  • Python / Ruby / Node.js (and your favorite web frameworks in each)
  • Couchbase / Redis
  • Varnish (and general principles of caching)
  • AWS S3, EC2, Cloudfront (especially signed URLs)
  • RESTful API design
  • Git Flow
  • Elasticsearch / Kibana / Logstash (self-hosted)
  • Linux command line
  • Video content delivery
  • 5 years working experience required.


Send us your resume and a few words about why our project in particular interests you.

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