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Antidot is looking for a Full Stack Developer, passionate about learning new technologies and adapting to complex and fast moving environments. You will build HTML5-oriented responsive designs for desktop and mobile platforms relying on our own REST Web Services that you will take in charge. Performance is your concern from server architecture to browser reactivity.

You work well with designers, value a great user experience, and love all things HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You pride yourself in being an early adopter of powerful and fun tech. You look for ways to improve your stack and constantly pay off technical debt and are aware of browser compatibility challenges (like IE).


  • Passionate
  • Working with a team
  • Advanced Object Oriented Programming
  • Advanced JavaScript
  • Advanced CSS
  • HTML5 techniques

Backend skills

  • JVM, Java 8, Python 3.5
  • REST architecture, Play Framework, Restlet
  • MongoDB, MariaDB

Frontend skills

  • MVP, Single Page Application, GWT 2.8


  • Agile Manifesto, Software Craftsmanship
  • TDD, DDD
  • Clean Code, Pair Programming, Code Reviews
  • UX, Persona, Wireframes, Prototypes


  • Groovy, Ceylon
  • SpringBoot, RestX, Node
  • NoSQL, Cassandra, Redis
  • Angular, VueJS, React
  • Handlebars.js, mustache.js
  • Yarn
  • Web Performance (HTTP2, CDN)
  • Devoxx, Mix-it, JUG, Agile Tour, Castcodeurs, The Walking Web

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