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Kyokan is seeking a friendly frontend engineer to build beautiful UIs in React and Redux.   The role is full-remote, full-time, and contract-to-hire. This person will have many opportunities for growth and increased project ownership.

Ideally, she/he...  

- ...has more than one year of production frontend experience, including mastery of Git, HTML/CSS, browser APIs, and ES6/7. Bonus points for Webpack, CSS pre-processors, and browser compatibility quirks.

- conversant in frontend state management patterns, cares about code quality, and is very comfortable writing tests.

- ...has substantial experience working remotely, or demonstrably strong written and verbal communication skills.

- stoked to grow as a developer and constantly learning.

- familiar with different development workflows (Scrum, Kanban), and participating in code reviews.

About Kyokan:

- We're experienced, tenacious, non-jerk, lifelong learners.  We love a challenge and are always looking for interesting projects. We're new, have no web presence and have been prioritizing existing client work, which is why we're growing the team!

- We're flexible about unconventional working arrangements and open to 15-30h/wk to start if you're transitioning out of an existing gig.

- We're a perfect fit for someone going digital nomad.  Work from anywhere, in any time zone.  The founders have worked remotely for years and can provide help, advice, and support to help you be effective while on the road. Regardless of whether we decide to move forward with a full-time hire after your contract, we'd love to support you on your adventures! 

About the Interview Process:

Our interview process consists of four stages: (i) a resume/portfolio submission (you are here!), (ii) a short phone call, (iii) a coding challenge, and (iv) a longer phone call with the founders.  As software engineers, we know how time-consuming interviewing can be.  A human will respond personally to all correspondence within 72h. No black hole of HR nothingness here.

We're excited to meet you.

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