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Zesty is seeking a talented Frontend Engineer to work either out of our SF office or remotely*!

Zesty empowers companies to be healthier and more productive by serving healthy, delicious meals from the best local restaurants. We believe that caring for the health of its employees is a top priority for all good companies and we want to make this as easy as possible! We’re supported in this goal by some of Silicon Valley’s top investors including Index Ventures, Founders Fund, Forerunner Ventures, SV Angel and Y Combinator.

As part of Zesty’s engineering team you will help the company in this mission.

Every day, Zesty has to figure out exactly the right set of meals to order for each company, balancing variety, cost, health, dietary restrictions, and automatically learning from individual employee feedback. Then, we need to get thousands of meals from a distributed network of restaurants to hundreds of startups, all before lunch-time, using crowd-sourced transportation. This is a massive logistics and constraint satisfaction problem and we’re building deep technology that will let us do it better than anyone.

We are investing heavily in our front-end systems so that we can provide the best possible user experiences for our customers, our restaurant partners, our drivers and our internal team. If you’re the kind of person who loves Ember and enjoys working at the cutting edge, you’ll love life at Zesty and the challenges that we’re trying to tackle and solve! We are increasingly active in the Ember community and even have a member of the Ember Core Team on our team.


  • Be heavily involved in product and design, and see those plans through from implementation to end-user adoption.
  • Push Ember to its limits and beyond: we often work with Canary builds and are always trying out new ideas.
  • Get stuck in to the heart of the Ember community.
  • Never write Internet Explorer workarounds ever again
  • Be a true generalist: if you’re up for it, you can work on everything from mobile apps, to Rails APIs to machine learning algorithms in the same month.

Example Projects

  • Convert our operations support dashboard into a blazing-fast, real-time Ember app and make our operations team love you forever.
  • Build out our one-of-a-kind nutrition analysis software that allows us to calculate proprietary nutrition facts on thousands of dishes from local restaurants.
  • Build new features and experiences for our client-facing app, helping employees at some of the fastest growing companies in the world see what they’re getting for lunch.


  • Have real-world Ember experience writing a battle-tested, production application.
  • Be a highly motivated self-starter who loves solving challenging problems.
  • Have excellent technical and non-technical communication
  • Be passionate about health, including your own.


  • Health Over All
    You prioritize your and other people’s health. It’s too valuable to sacrifice.
  • Growth Over Comfort
    You aim to do things better than you’ve done them before.
  • Team Over Ego
    Leave your ego at the door. Everyone at Zesty is extremely talented.
  • Analysis Over Blame
    We all make mistakes. The important thing is that you learn from them.
  • Communication Over Assumption
    Assumptions are the root cause of many problems. You over-communicate to gain clarity.
  • Do The Right Thing
    The person with integrity wins in the long run. You want to be that person.

Perks & Benefits:

  • Competitive salary.
  • Generous equity grant.
  • Comprehensive medical, dental and vision.
  • Open vacation policy.
  • 401k.
  • Daily catered lunch and dinner from the best restaurants in SF.
  • We are happy to hire remotely*.

Please note: We’re currently only accepting applications from remote workers whose working hours overlap with the first four hours of the SF working day (from 9am – 1pm PST).

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