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AgFlow | Experienced Front-end Developer | Geneva, CH | JS, CSS, HTML | World | Full-time | Remote: https://git.io/vQMJw AgFlow | Full-stack generalists and DevOps | Geneva, CH | JS, Go | World | Full-time | Remote: https://git.io/vQMJg AgFlow | Data and ML specialist | Geneva, CH | Python, ML | World | Full-time | Remote: https://git.io/vQMJ2 Hello, we're AgFlow and working to bring agricultural trade analytics to everywhere in real-time with easy to use tools for decision making. Our first goal was to scale data collection and to build a trustful network that will supply reliable data in a timely fashion. Currently, we have a lot of data, collected more than 200 public and private sources, to create stunning visualizations but it also waits for intelligent analysis. To achieve this next step, we need more bandwidth. Contact: jobs@agflow.com
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