Distributed Systems Engineer (Scala/Spark)

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Sharethrough is looking for engineers interested in tackling the problems of building large-scale, distributed- and stream-based processing systems.

You'll Work On..

Building fault-tolerant micro-services

Enhancing a low-latency decisioning engine responsible for complex predictive behavior (at thousands of requests per second)

A streaming data pipeline supervising millions of daily events

Let’s talk if..

You have experience with delivering multithreaded and/or distributed JVM-based systems. No experience with Scala? Come learn!

You have experience with Spark and/or Spark Streaming or similar stream-based processing systems.

Experience with Hadoop-based pipelines, maybe a bit of Cascading or Scalding? That works too, come give Spark a shot.

What you're building is as important to you as why you're building it.

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