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Headquarters: Cambridge, UK

You will be responsible for all front line support of a range of small but useful and well-loved WordPress plugins for business users.

At least twice a day, you will respond to all email support queries, at least to say we have received them and are working on it.

You will be an important part of the business, always welcome to make suggestions on how to make your own work easier and more productive. Identify trends in the problems people are having, and what they like or dislike about the products.

Update FAQs and the website to help others avoid the same issues.
Suggest future product updates, and help build or test them if you have the skills or can learn them.

You will work closely with the experienced entrepreneur and developer who built the plugins initially. We will communicate over email and other text-based channels, as well as catching up over Skype/Hangouts regularly, especially to start off with. I will be happy to walk you through any support tickets, and work together in solving them until you are confident to do everything yourself - and after that we’ll still catch up to be sure that you and the customers are still happy and getting along, or for any unusual support tickets.

We pride ourselves on detailed and dedicated support for our plugins, if necessary helping customers understand how to structure their sites and businesses to get the most out of them.

Candidates must have some experience with WordPress, however small (it is open source software you can go and try right now, after all!).

The most important attributes for the position are that you are polite, patient, and helpful. You must be able to do this in fluent English! You will ideally have an above-average understanding about the way the web works, and will sometimes click 'Inspect Element' in your browser to see how the web site you're on is working, or maybe watch the Network tab to see what is making a website slow… Basic HTML, PHP, or Javascript is a plus.

The role will need to be conducted in a time zone close to East Coast US working hours - ideally somewhere between central Europe to West Coast US (but you can be located anywhere if you have unusual waking hours!). The rest of the team is in the UK.

The hourly rate will be competitive and depend on experience or abilities. There is scope to progress to development work if you are keen to learn, and also to increase your hours by covering more of our products.

It is important that you can commit to at least two hours a day, and hopefully more over time. Ideally, you will be able to cover two shifts in a day - perhaps an hour near the start and an hour near the end of each working day.

Of course, we can arrange cover for you on days when you aren’t able to work, ideally coordinating in advance, especially for holidays. We are happy to be flexible for this position, and that’s why it will be important for you to understand how the business works and what we need - and why it is important for us to know why the job makes sense for you.

Initially, support will cover our free and premium PDF plugins listed on and in the WordPress plugin repository. If things work out well, this may expand to also cover our Google Apps (G Suite) based plugins on

To apply: To apply, please email with the subject line 'WordPress support application: '. Write a summary of your experience and education, and why you are interested in the position - how does it suit your lifestyle and career aims. Please also describe a WordPress site you have worked on, and what you are most proud of about it. Feel free to attach a CV too if you like. We will reply with feedback to all meaningful applications, but reserve the right to ignore any that clearly do not follow the application procedure outlined here.
Interviews will be conducted over Skype or Hangouts - I’ll let you know what we’re hoping to cover so you can prepare in advance. I’ll look forward to telling you more about the business too.
We hope to have someone active in the role by the end of June 2017 but will accept applications until 30 July.

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